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Publishers: Robert Gerringer, Bill Hughes, Mary E. Jones, John Trechak, Leonard W. Zola, Margaret D. Zola

Editors: Mary E. Jones, John Trechak, Leonard W. Zola, Margaret D. Zola

Contributing Editors: Robert Gerringer, Bill Hughes, Perry Prescott, Gary Reid, Roy P. Silverman

Art Director: Joseph Sebastian

Consulting Editor: Robert L. Jackson

Editorial Research: Joseph Franklin, Peter F. McNeil, David K. Sheppard

Editorial Assistants: Lois Lane, Karen Magnuson, Gordon M. Marwik

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Canadian Circulation Director: Gary Reid

AMBASSADOR REPORT is published by and for alumni, students, faculty, and friends of Ambassador College. It has grown out of the increasing need for a response to the misinformation contained in many official Ambassador College and Worldwide Church of God publications.

AMBASSADOR REPORT has the following purposes:
o It assesses the foundational philosophies of Ambassador College and their effect on Ambassador College students. In short, it examines the "Ambassador Experience."
o It brings to light many of Ambassador College's biggest problems which have been too long covered up.
o It presents solutions to Ambassador College's problems and encourages drastically needed changes at Ambassador College and, to a degree, in the church which directly influences it.
o It is dedicated to prodding the leadership of Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God which supports and controls it, to change the practices and policies which are bringing worldwide discredit to Ambassador College.

We welcome and encourage suggestions from our readers regardless of political, religious, or philosophical persuasion, and we warmly welcome all contributions to our efforts.

Address all communication to:

P.O. BOX 4068

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