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New email address.

Please read the FAQ page before sending any email. You may save us both a lot of time. If you ask me questions that are answered on that page or say that I am an atheist, don't expect me to be cordial to you. I do have a life.

If you want to send us an email that you do not want posted on the email pages, specifically mark it PRIVATE and I will consider that request based on the message and the reason that privacy is requested. If you have some kind of horror story that you want to tell me but you don't want it published, DON'T SEND IT. I don't want to read it and then not be able to use it.. The whole point of this site is to tell the truth about what happened.
Attack mail and mail that tries to promote religion will not be regarded as Private even if so marked. Don't send it. I will decide what attack mail is.


If you send us any other email message or an article to post, you are granting me an irrevocable license to reprint and a revocable license to use your name.

If you are not giving The PT full power to publish forever, if the Editor wants, the material that you send us, DON'T SEND IT. Our main interest will be in helping the readers of The PT. If that is not your interest, happy surfing.

We had one lady that had a very informative page about some abuse that she received from her minister. When this minister rewarded her with a leadership position, she had a change of heart. This is not what we would call a good reason.

One man did not like the fact that another person was posting pages with views that he did not accept. He couldn't tolerate someone else having a different view and didn't care if others would be hurt by pulling his pages. This is not a good reason.

Let's just be clear about the purpose of this site. It is not for anyone's personal vanity at being able to post their thoughts on the internet. It is to document what the cult truly was all about, to educate, to allow people to vent and to heal. We will only post those things that we feel will benefit other people. We also want people in the future to benefit from the information. This is not a temporary site. If you have a change of heart and no longer want to help people to escape from fear religion and you want to take your marbles and go home, you can go home but you can't take the marbles unless we both agree.

You have the option of telling your story anonymously. Do that, if you want. If you want to give a minister's name and tell about how he abused you, you must provide your full name to us and you must be willing to stand up for what you are saying if this creep thinks he wants to go to court. Most of us would relish the thought of getting these assholes in a courtroom. We will not publish your full name, but we have to have it. 

Full names will not be used to identify any contributor to this site. This website did that, indeed, required it when accusations were made against named individuals, for three years. We have just gotten too many death threats from loving Christians who cannot stand the truth. Enough people have died already because of this cult.

Hate mail will be treated differently. We will post your hate mail and we will post your name and your email address. We will not take it down. Ever. Don't send it. That is how you don't get it posted. We will decide what hate mail is. If you send us hate mail, we will block any further of your messages from even being downloaded to our computers, so, if you don't get a response to any of your further hate mail, that is the reason. It is not that we are wasting our time reading your crap and are too cowardly to respond. We don't even care the least about you to even want to read a second message. So get in your best shot in the first message. And try to spell and punctuate correctly. Most of our hate mail is from illiterate people. They can't spell or even capitalize or they use all caps but they know for sure just what God wants and they are God's tools to chastise us. A very weak god indeed.

Any death threats will be referred to the FBI. Two already have and the FBI is monitoring these individuals.

If you want to disprove anything on this website, you will have to tell us which page address it is and quote, verbatim, what paragraph you want to disprove. If it is just your opinion that it is wrong, don't bother. We need proof.

If you send a post quoting the Bible extensively, most likely we will just trash it entirely, so don't waste your time. You can believe what you want about that fairy tale book but you will not be taking up our webspace or time with any of it.

If we feel you are trying to convert anyone to your religion, we will remove your pages or messages or we will not even post them.

Now, if you want to send us email or articles, we will be glad to accept them under these conditions.



A special note to AOL subscribers: I do try to reply to your email but AOL is not a very good service and mail constantly fails when I reply to you. I would suggest that, if you want replies to your messages from anyone, get Hotmail or some  service other than AOL. It stinks.

And, if you don't believe me, see the message below:

Posted 3/28/02

After the AOL/Time-Warner merger, the edict went out to all 82,000 employees of the media giant that they had to use AOL email for company communications.

To its chagrin, the company has finally admitted what millions of others already know: "...the e-mail software frequently crashed, staffers weren't able to send messages with large attachments, they were often kicked offline without warning, and if they tried to send messages to large groups of users they were labeled as spammers and locked out of the system. Sometimes, e-mails were just plain lost in the AOL netherworld and never found." In fact, they found that about 2% of AOL
emails never made it to their intended recipients!

Although AOL still touts its email as a wonderful thing in its ads, it now allows its own employees to use email from *other* ISPs!

You gotta love it.

Full story:



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