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Okay, Okay.... I admit it: I am BITTER!!!!!!

Never thought of myself as BITTER, maybe just pissed off but I guess it is probably basically the same thing.

After being labeled by "Christians" as being this for the last 3 years and most recently by name witheld. I looked it up in the dictionary.

It says:

Webster's New
Collegiate Dictionary
1a. having or being a peculiarly acrid, astringent, or disagreeable taste suggestive of an infusion of hops that is one of the four basic taste sensations. I have been known to partake of an infusion of hops in the form of beer now and then. So I guess I really am BITTER!
1b. distasteful or distressing to the mind. Finding out the truth is particularly distasteful and distressing to the minds of those who have been lied to.
2. marked by intensity or severity: Such as "a bitter sense of shame." I am bitterly ashamed to admit that I was stupid enough to let myself be misled by corrupt men for over 25 years.
a. accompanied by severe pain or suffering. Such as "a bitter death." I watched my first wife suffer severely while she died because of the teachings of this church. Yes indeed, I am bitter about this. Herbie would be in deep trouble if he were alive today. So would I. I am glad he is dead.
b. being relentlessly determined: vehement. Such as " a bitter partisan." I am determined and have made plans to keep this page going long after I am gone so that all who want to find out the Truth about Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God will be able to do so.
c. exhibiting intense animosity. Such as "bitter enemies." I am an enemy to all those who would lie and mislead people for money and power.
d. (1.) harshly reproachful. Such as "bitter complaints." Yeah.
(2.) marked by cynicism and rancor. Such as "bitter contempt." I have a lot of cynicism and contempt for religion.
e. intensely unpleasant esp. in coldness or rawness I believe that the things on my web page may be of this character but this does not describe me.
3. expressive of severe pain, grief, or regret Yeah.

I do identify with quite a few of these qualities. I don't feel bad about that. I think that a lot of good gets done by people with this type of attitude. I guess cops would be described as Bitter since they won't let those bad people get away with being bad.

You Bible believers would have to admit that the moneychangers probably thought that Jesus was very BITTER.

I tell you the Truth and your response is that I must be bitter. Is a newspaper Bitter?

The word bitter is really not a common term except in regards to taste. Bible thumpers love the word though. It is a condemnation. To call a person bitter in the religious sense is to pronounce judgment on the person's very heart and soul. I endure this indignity for the sake of all those who want to know the truth about Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God. I'm not going away just because people call me names.

And just let me say that I get many more messages thankful for my page than from people bitter against me. So have fun with your name calling if it makes you feel superior to me. That still doesn't make you very big.

Ed Sr.


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