The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Calling a Spade a Spade
--Emotionalism Takes a Hit-
By MikeM

             Take the following test: Read this paragraph and then, when you're through, sit back and think about what you've just read, and how you feel about what you've read.

            I am white, and I have to tell ya folks: All you Black people and Chinese and Mexicans are different than I. So are you Jews and Indians and Arab people. Ya may not like it, but it's still a fact. I also don't happen to like homosexuality... It goes against nature, against the "Design of Life". There is, and provably HAS been for decades if not more, a conspiracy to unite the nations of the world under a Global umbrella of one type of other. President Bush's ancestor's family business interests helped finance Hitler, and good ole Abraham Lincoln himself believed that Black folks weren't entitled to freedom. So much for that theory. The IRS is illegal, the Federal Reserve Bank is unconstitutional, and almost ALL of the stories you've EVER heard about Daniel Boone, actually were stories about a giant of a frontiersman by the name of Simon Kenton.

 Now to score your test...... Did you read the above a say, " Well, this guy is nuts," and then dismiss the thoughts as delusional? Did you have a quick, sinking feeling in your gut, with maybe just a little of a "Please, God, stop him, don't let him say these things?" Maybe you felt sympathy for me; just another fruit-ball nutcake conspiracy hound out to make some waves. Maybe you got genuinely angry, if even for just a second. How DARE I say such horridly MEAN and BITTER things!!!!

 If you fit into the above three categories, or anything else close - CONGRATULATIONS!! NOW you know how all those UNWASHED Religious folks feel when they log into this and other great websites like it! (Yes, Dear Reader.... The Great Religious Flock IS losing their ground, and they know it.... It's only a matter of time until swords are raised against those of us who reason....But that's another story....)


            There's a sinking in the heart....a quickening of the anger, a feeling of loss and of sorrow....Maybe only for a moment. Why is this? What have we just discovered, here hopefully, with our small test?     WE ALL have emotions.             We ALL feel and we all hurt, and sometimes we strike back, like a Grant Spong or a CrazyVic or a Darrick(sp?). We attack that which makes us emotionally upset. Because, sometimes people don't HEAR the logic of the argument, they feel just the heat from radiating their heart.

            The statements in the above passage are true. You may not like them , they might make you uncomfortable and might even make you angry.   That doesn't necessarily mean they are untrue.

I've read countless letters here, addressed primarily to the webmaster, but also to others here, and almost to a one they accuse Editor or other authors of "Bitterness", "Meanness", etc. Do you think the authors of these notes have a reasonable bone in their body? Do you think they can think clearly? Heck....They can't even READ clearly it seems.

            So, the question to all those who read this website who are the Great Unwashed Unapologetic Ministers Of The Cult of the Worldwide Church of God+ and for that matter, any other cult of religious belief which has backed and promoted the horrible bloodshed, pain, and misery throughout history; be you Hindu, Muslim, Jim Jones in Guyana, Jim Baker and Tammy, the TBN, the Swaggert, Co., Inc., the Incredible Graham Country Crackers, etc....(I am suddenly hearing that old Bachman-Turner Overdrive tune..."Gimme Your Money, Please!" I don't know why...J ) Whoever you are..... Just how clearly did you read the first part of this article?             Hmmm.???

            Did you take the title of this article as racist? I thought you might, even though it has nothing to do with being a racist.

            Am I different from Blacks, Asians, etc...? Of course. (Duhhhhh) I'm also different from the sofa across the room from me right now. If you read anything ELSE into that, then you have more racial thoughts in your head than I do.... (And, to be clear.... I said, "Racial.... NOT racist...OK?)

I don't like homosexuality and consider it unnatural. So what.... I have suspicions about yogurt, too. I can dislike what I want. So there.

On the Bush thing? This is also is true. True also, it has little provable bearing right now on GW Bush, although, I have a few suspicions about that too...

 The Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all that political stuff, I won't go into. Read the most excellent book, "Hope of the Wicked", available from well known web news sites. (Feel free to write me if ya can't find it....) The point of this article is not politics, but to show the difference between emotional reaction and logical reason, not to engage in political debate.

On Simon Kenton? O Boy!! Go find the excellent book called the "Frontiersmen", part of a series by that name by Allen W. Eckert, and have a cool read..... THEN go talk to his family descendents....J

We all have emotional ties to our belief systems. This is good to a point. That point is reached when our REASON is eclipsed by the inability of ourselves to logically READ or LISTEN or to even tolerate those we deem 'Heretics', or another way of putting it: "Mean" and "Bitter".

            Some people will continue, I'm afraid, to fray the Truth, even when confronted with evidence, into a mass of sodden, wilted, and useless emotionalism.



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