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Herbert W. Armstrong
Changed My Life Forever
By Editor

From an Email message: December 6, 2000

I was ultra deep into the occult back in the 80's. Thanks to Herbert W. Armstrong, that all changed. Although I never joined the Church due to Mr. Armstrong's strict views on modern music, he changed my life forever. (In a good way.)  



Well Roland, you make my whole point for me. You say that "he changed my life forever." This may have been good for you but Herbie's teachings had a much worse affect on many more people. Even the least little thing that gets changed from what it should have been, changes everything for everyone after that point. I refer you to The Butterfly Effect article.

Herbert W. Armstrong's perverted teachings are responsible for so much of a negative effect on so many lives that he should be fried in Hell for all eternity, if there were such a place. Consider now the other lives that Herbert W. Armstrong changed forever:

  Consider the children who, under Herbert W. Armstrong's strict disciplinary childrearing teachings. (And I'm not referring here to his incestuous behavior with his young daughter for 10 years. Ever wonder how that ten years of his "teachings" affected the rest of her life?) Consider these children who were beaten instead of loved by many of the zealous followers of Herbie. Besides screwing up their lives, they possibly carry on the same mistakes with their own children who will do the same to their children.  How do you think this affected the rest of their lives? This is not good.

  Consider the child in Appleton Wisconsin Church area, about 8 years or so ago, who died from swallowing soap that was put in its mouth by its parents for using foul language. How do you think this affected the rest of its life? What about the children that this person never had since it could not grow up to have them. Consider how all the future is different because of what happened because of following the teachings of this man. This is not good.

  Consider the child with allergies as a baby but its parents would not take it to doctors because of the teachings of Herbie and gang. The child developed an ear infection, which was not treated by a doctor because "God would heal." It was treatable. Because it was not treated soon enough, the child did not hear properly as a baby in its early formative months and did not develop the proper speech patterns and spent the whole of its schooling in Learning Disabled classes. How do you think this affected the rest of its life? This is not good.

  Consider how the children from the church were, for the most part, the outcasts and weirdo's at school because of the strange teachings of Herbie and his gang of thieves. How do you think this affected the rest of their lives? This is not good.

  Consider the differences for a child that would be able to play in sports on Friday nights and Saturdays compared to a child that was not allowed to play these sports or other activities such as Theater. Ninety Nine times out of One Hundred they were not allowed to participate part time unless they were extremely good. How do you think this affected the rest of their life? This is not good.

  Consider the people who died because they would not accept medical treatment. There were many, many of them. I remember one girl who was an AC student from Minnesota. She had a treatable cancer but declined treatment, trusting Herbie's teachings on HEALING. (Herbie taught it but did not follow it himself, availing himself of every medical practice he ever needed, including flying around the world attempting to fix his failing penis and having a private nurse.) The young girl DIED because of his teaching. How do you think this affected the "rest of her life" or any children she might have had, if she had lived? This is not good.

  Consider the families that lived in poverty or near poverty so as to be able to pay their three tithes and generous offerings and therefore not "Steal from God." This, while Herbie lived like a king. How do you think this affected the rest of their lives? This is not good.

  Consider the many, many families that were affected by Herbie's "Divorce and Remarriage teachings. Can you imagine the devastation that was done by this teaching alone, where multiple happy families were broken up to have to live separately because they had been married previously and now they were living together in sin and their children were bastards? How do you think this affected the rest of their lives? And then, when this despicable bottom feeder wanted to marry a divorcee, he changed the rules so that it was okay to marry divorced people. This is not good.

  What about those people who never were able to save for their retirement because of the oppressive tithing teachings of Herbie and his gang of thieves? What do they do now that it is time to retire and they have no retirement fund? How do you think this affected the rest of their lives? This is not good.

I could go on but I think the point has been clearly made. You may have convinced yourself that Herbie's teaching had a supposed "good effect" on your life but the negative effects reach around the world and there are idiots out there still promulgating the idiocy that is Armstrongism. The harm that Herbie started continues and multiplies to this day and down into the future generations. If there is a just god, this very evil man will have an eternity of punishment but it will never make up for all the damage that has been done to humanity by one very little pipsqueak of a man.



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