The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Merchants Of Misery
By JohnO

Just recently, and I believe it was on Fox's Hannity and Colmes, I saw one prominent black leader, a real humanitarian and educator, refer to the all the hate filled, racist rhetoric that's currently extant, and pointed specifically to the black agitators who call themselves "activists." He mentioned that such subtle and open hatred opened the door to division between races, and he called the propagators of this hatred, the "Merchants of Misery."

Ever since the November 2k election, the irresponsible screaming and bellowing from the racist agitators has flooded the media, each trying to be the squeakiest wheel on the air waves. While Jesse Jackson (referred to by some as "Jesse Jackass") and Al Sharpton do their yelling and blabbering to gain disciples to their own brand of trouble making, and there are also millions of decent, educated, and civilized black leaders and educators who are embarrassed by these outbursts of fury, anger, and buffoonery.

But all this is worthwhile noting, because it bears a strong parallel - in its spiritual intent - to the hoodwinking that has been exemplified by the Worldwide Church of God and Worldwide Church of God+ cults. Behind all this current racist ya-hoo, are also some ugly principles that have also been used by the Worldwide Church of God - past and present. In this regard, it's well worth noting the words of an earlier black educator. His name was Booker T. Washington. He was college educated, a humanitarian, and an man of integrity. Booker spoke these words in 1911. Jim F. sent me this quote from Booker T. Washington. It's worthwhile quoting.

"There is (a) class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their (the black people's) wrongs - partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs . . ." Booker goes on to say: "There is a certain class of race problem-solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out, they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public."

This scenario is also typical of the Worldwide Church of God situation to those who will carefully examine what's been said above. Don't the Worldwide Church of God cultmasters fit this description? During his wretched life, HWA was idolized as the man who had ALL the answers. It was only after his long overdue death did many get to see what a phony he really was. And that also now goes for his disciples who are incompetently struggling with their own cults. So, as HWA was idolized for all the wrong reasons, does it not stagger our imagination to see the lunacy of Clinton hang America's highest civilian honor around the neck of Jesse Jackson? This is akin to Herbie getting a "Doctorate" from the University of Manila. What did Jackson ever really do for the American people? What did Herbie ever really do for anybody? Money talks.

In a sense, the spirit between the two individuals is similar. Booker T. Washington would have washed his hands with both of them.

Here are some of the parallels between Worldwide Church of God and Worldwide Church of God+ and those hate filled racist agitators. They are both filled with hate. They point to the enemy that they themselves create. They rely on the ignorance of the followers. They depict themselves as being under attack from without. They encourage dependency on themselves by the followers. And they derive a most profitable TAX EXEMPT living from willing donors.

The enemy, to the racist agitators, is invariably someone who is of a different color and who does not agree with the agitator's agenda. "Rich white men are our problem," Sharpton once said, and I saw Jackson give a interview on cable some years back, when he openly said: "It was God who brought de black man over from Africa to save de white man." While these statements seem, not only extreme, they must seem ludicrous to any intelligent, sane person. But how much different were the outbursts of Apostle Herbie?

If we had all checked the records, we'd have found that his little reject was a non-ordained person that arrogantly took on the title of "Apostle." The very idea is the height of stupidity. Yet we believed it because we trusted what we were told. Isn't the same principle being used by the racist agitators who now spread hate and possible violence to their uninformed disciples all across this country? Herbie and the racists are (or were) of one mind. Didn't Herbie claim to have all knowledge revealed to him by God alone? "A direct revelation," he once said, "from Jesus Christ." To Jackson, etc., the enemy is the white man, just the same as the Worldwide Church of God enemy is Satan. Each group must have an "enemy" to fight. Since Satan is an unprovable piece of fiction, this doesn't stop people believing that the "Boogey Man," is running around trying to "get everyone." But who needs a Satan? We already have mankind. And who needs the white man as an enemy, since the accepted largest crime segment in the US is all the "black on black" crime. These are documented from published figures issued by the US National Bureau of Statistics and the FBI.

Isn't it remarkable that if we really examine the rantings and ravings of some (including many religious) spokesmen, that any and all value in what's being said is simply dissipated when logic enters? This so-named enemy went even further with Herbie. Anyone who didn't agree with him was nothing short of a scab to be relegated to "Satan." Members would shun anyone who left or disagreed. Hatred would follow the departed one, but under the guise of "God's love and correction." Beside ex-members, the enemy insignia was also applied to scientists, engineers, and doctors, etc. (anyone who had a decent education) and who had different ideas from the "Apostle's" revelations. Logic did not apply when it came to Herbie's dictates ( as revealed by "God," naturally) but none of it made any sense whatever in the reasoning light to any thinking person, external to the Worldwide Church of God, who had an IQ higher than that of an amoeba. The problem here is that we trusted this little despot too much, and most of us simply didn't check him out properly.

Likewise, the enemies of the racist agitators (those who see differently to the racist leaders) will always belong (according to the racists) to any political party or group that will NOT grovel before those racist leaders. Even though a pending law (or person) would be good for the country, it will always be opposed by the racial extremists as being contrary to their own best interests - namely, the egos of the leaders and the profits involved. How similar is all this to the workings inside a cult, and more specifically, to the Worldwide Church of God?

The fact that these two methodologies parallel each other is not surprising. Herbie too, was a known racist. Each of the leadership sucks from the same low frequency energy, and so each reflects their persona into the world. It is the persona of the "Merchants of Misery."

There is much that can and should be done with education for ALL races in the world today. If you're educated, then you can see clearly that unconditional love from ALL men to ALL other men will indeed bring peace on Earth. Race is unimportant with such a state of affairs, as high spiritual energy, love to each other, and respect of our planet will bring peace on Earth. That's not some fairy tale. It's common sense. But ignorance is the key to the racist agitators that prey on the uninformed masses today, as ignorance was at the key of the Worldwide Church of God cultmasters that preyed on the uninformed members, both now and in years past.

Both the racist agitators and the cultmasters use the same approach. First, they generate an enemy. Then, they fan the fire that they've started. They proceed to create a dependency, with themselves as the "saviors." They then "garner" in all the adoration, continue with their hate filled teaching, and (of course) suck in all that cash.

Weren't we all taught to "hate" the people in the world as being enemies of our true calling? Weren't we told to basically avoid - whenever possible - those "unclean" people? "Come out of her, my people . . . " etc. Weren't we all told (not so subtlety, either) that those people were less than we were because we were "chosen" for the First Resurrection" and they were not? In other words, we were brainwashed to believe that our people were a superior breed? Isn't this the same scenario for the racist agitators? Don't they too believe that their race is superior?

Hitler had the same ideas.

Naturally, the racist groups and the cults have another thing in common. They just love all that money. Whatever means that can be used to promote the donations and/or tithes will be used. There must, however, be a strong motive to give to the particular cause, and "give like never before." This reason can be the humiliating or extinction of any race that doesn't align itself with the agitator, or it can be the preaching of a gospel as a witness to "save the world." In either case, the motives for giving money to these con-artists are totally out of line, as they both show signs of segregation of those who don't "accept the leadership and their philosophy as true," and they both ooze hatred toward any non-believer. In all cases, the blind loyalty, the gullible acceptance, and the hatred to all others is considered by the follower to be perfectly normal.

While the current racist agitators are preaching their own version of peaceful harmony, it should be noted that at the time of this writing, there are seventeen (that's 17) countries in Africa that are in the active throws of civil war, or at full warfare with neighboring countries. The slaughter, starvation, cruelty, torture, mutilation, savagery, destruction of property, and human misery are almost unimaginable. Didn't someone once say: "Why do you seek to take the splinter out of your brother's eye when you have a beam in your own? You hypocrite, first remove the beam and then you can see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother?"

So, why should the cult groups - namely the Worldwide Church of God enclaves - seek to do their gospel and salvation work when such clearly documented corruption lies inexorably entrenched within their own boarders? As Mike Dukakis once said: "A fish always rots from the head first."

While the misery merchants of racist hatred continue to promote their own brand of ego trips and power plays, and while they continue to promote depression, anger and hopelessness with all their staged protest marches - instead of encouraging hard work and education among their people - then the inner cities will never rise from the mental, psychological and physical bondage that they now find themselves. And while the misery merchants of cultism continue to promote their own brand of ego and power domination, and while they continue to promote ignorance and loyalty at church services - instead of telling people the truth about the cultmasters and the false theology - then the captives of religion and cultism will never rise above the subjugation and oppression that they now find themselves.

In either case, that black minister and educator, on the Fox Network, had it correct. These agitators and preachers of racism stand to profit from their fraudulent rhetoric. The repulsive spirits of both the agitators and the Worldwide Church of God cults are identical. They both drive fear into the hearts of people, generate heartache, cause confusion, spawn despair, create division with our fellow man, wreck innumerable lives, and collect the dollar proceeds. Truly, all these rejects of humanity - in both politics and religion - are aptly called the "Merchants of Misery."

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