The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

"The Ultimate Fuhrer"

                   John O


There are thousands of variations on the identity that could fit the above title, but which “Fuhrer” would be considered “ultimate?”

Some will think of Hitler, others might think of Stalin, and undoubtedly – others will envision dead Herbie.  Mao may come to mind with many, while ole’ Sadism Insane will click with many Iraqis.  However, when one thinks of the “Ultimate,” one must be reminded of infinity.  This then brings us to another title approach – and the obvious question – Is there an Infinite Fuhrer?

Since the only thing that we can now relate to (infinitely) is the indescribable “God” Itself, and then this also raises the question of: “Is this whole world ignorantly worshipping an ultimate Fuhrer – and worshipping It as “God?”  (I’ve always been convinced of the existence of “God,” but I’ve never been able to reconcile religion’s descriptions if It as either practical, or making any common sense in the light of the practical, scientific evidence available to us.)  Therefore, we must dig deeper, and we MUST be able to determine IF “God” is really perfect – as we’ve been taught – or is this whole propaganda of an “Infinitely Good God” for real, or is it, in fact, all a result of human stupidity and eons of human teaching ignorance perpetrated by religious con-men?  So the question is: Do sincere folks worship, pray to and rely on this ultimate entity that they honestly believe is the Supreme Deity, as the corrupt “church” has taught this dogma as long as it’s been in existence?  Or have we fabricated (as a result of false teaching) this “God” in our own image and imagination?  If the latter is the case, then we can UN-fabricate It from this churchy thinking, and make it as we choose to see It.  In other words – WE CAN MAKE GOD IN OUR OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS, and NOT the other way around.  In this same thinking, God then does what we want – and we don’t do what is dictated to us – which is how we’ve all lived since birth.  So  . . .  Was that the original intent?

This brings up an interesting point.  If the latter is the case – then, IS it “God” that really controls us, or is it WE that control this Infinity, and do it with the concentrated thinking of our minds?  In other words – does God control us and our destiny, or do we ourselves control these things?  Do we ourselves make good, or is it we that screw up?   If this is the case, then we MUST be the masters and controllers of our eternal destinies.  Whatever that will eventually be, must be in our OWN hands (and not in the hands or wishes/plans of some external Supreme Being or phony, Earthly charlatans), and from this time forward, our futures must be OURS to configure – and not anyone else’s to determine.  Heavy stuff?  Especially for the current churchgoers.  This then leaves us also with the obvious question:  So then, how would we behave and treat others IF we had this power?  Like a Jesus – or like a Hitler?

This will eventually show why those who have had determination of mind can accomplish anything they set out to do, be it incredibly GOOD or EVIL.  It’s because our destinies eventually belong to US, and no other.  As long as our minds can think clearly, and we’re not incapacitated, it is possible for us to dream what we will  . . . and those dreams WILL happen.

At the risk of quoting the Bible, Jesus once made an interesting point, in this regard. 


“All things, whatsoever you desire,” He said, “believe that you have them  . . . .”  then, He continued.  “And you SHALL have them.”  This whole exercise revolves around our thinking, so obviously, He thought that our mental state was all-important.  In other words, our mental state was indeed – creative.  And this is not something to be taken lightly – as we will see.


This quote breaks down into three basic parts.  First: We want something, and it doesn’t say whether that is good for us and/or others.  Second:  Believe (or strongly imagine) that we have it already – or imagine ourselves using that something (or being somewhere).  And Third – after a time (not specified) we WILL have them, or it, in the physical sense.  Again, it needs be mentioned that those desires can be for ANYTHING, good or bad – which explains why Herbie and Hitler invariably got the evil that they wanted, even though they damaged others, and suffered the consequent and ugly reciprocal karma. So it’s always wise to be careful of our “desires.”

 But first, let’s take a brief look at what we’ve been taught to worship, and what has been reported (by the fallible “church”) about this Supreme Being.  This title applies, of course to “church” teachings, and not the practical, scientific facts of the matter, as we’ve just discussed.  So, let’s examine everything and see if we should continue with this current nebulous direction in our lives, or if we should bother to change things – and command our own destinies.  Or has something else – like PREDESTINY- crept into this scenario, and we haven’t seen it?

 It is said that God is loving and all merciful, and that simply ain’t true.   Please check out: acts-of-god.htm   This essay answers most questions.

But it’s the religious righteous folks that will argue vehemently, from the opposing corner, and the reason is simple:  They are SCARED of God.  They don’t wanna get this GODzilla thing mad at them.


So - are they right?  Wrong?  Or simply just crazy?


If they’re right, then maybe we should all “TWEMBLE,” as Elmer Fudd might say.  If they’re wrong, then we simply ignore them.  But if they’re crazy (even just a little), then this could bear some investigation.  Is “God” simply the energy source that we must use wisely, or is God “The Ultimate Fuhrer?”  Please think before answering.

 Webster’s Dictionary defines an agnostic thus:

coined (1870) by Thomas Henry HUXLEY < A + GNOSTIC --  a person who believes that the human mind cannot know whether there is a God or an ultimate cause, or anything beyond material phenomena

 So I guess, in one way, that would partially describe me too.  I haven’t got a clue.

I did however, at one time, try and work out a formula for God.  After six pages of mathematics,  I finally quit.  My close buddies thought that I was a certified nut case.

 But at least if someone asks me if I’ve ever given “God” some thought, I can always refer back to the maths attempt.  I’m not so much interested in whether there is an anthropomorphic God or not.  I’m more interested in what is the intelligence behind creation and all its phenomena.  Can It be defined?  What’s happening here?  How do we relate to It?  Etc.  Are there formulas here with which we need to harmonize?  How does one “flow” with life, instead of always fighting it?  Why the above comment about pre-destiny?  Is THAT a major factor here?  Now, although we cannot say that predestiny IS a fact, it certainly wouldn’t hurt us to examine some of the facts around it, as regarding ourselves. 

 So the best freewill for us is to say:  Thy will be done and NOT mine.”  In this way, we’ll be in sync, and on the safe side.

 The first thing that we must realize is that everything in our creation has an opposite.  For example, for every “up,” there is a consequent “down.” Take a look at a sheet of graph paper.  On the right side of the vertical “Y-axis” line, and the upper side of the horizontal “X-axis” line, those areas are regarded as positive, and with the opposite sides of the same lines, those areas are regarded as negative.  Each positive has a negative.  Each “up” has a “down.” Each “in” must have an “out,” and each “good” must have a “bad.”  Such is the complete balance of nature.

 So, when we look at “God” as the origin, and the source of all creative design and construction, we can clearly see the beauty in nature (for example), we can see the goodness in people, and by deduction, each of these desirable characteristics MUST have its opposite.  There are freaks in nature; there are faults in construction, every positive MUST have its negative, and therefore, a “perfect God” must have Its imperfections.  In other words, within the ultimately perfect and righteous infinite concept known as “God,” there must be some degree of evil.

 Now, to “religious,” thinking, this thesis must sound like the height of blasphemy.  However, two centuries ago, the very thought of man flying through the air at hundreds of miles an hour in a machine weighing six hundred thousand plus pounds, was also considered “blasphemous.”  Yet it exists today.  And “God” exists too – for better or worse, and in whatever form.

 This theory too makes sense if we consider the INFINITY that we have discussed as being this entity, commonly called “God.”  Since Infinity must contain everything, it must hold both the light and the dark – the good and the bad.  It must hold the good and the evil.  Therefore, part of what is known as “God,” must therefore be EVIL. 

 Therefore, the foregoing reasoning explains the following:

Why, for example, do people do the most atrocious things?  And a point needs be made again here about our so-called “free will.”  Does being “free” will give us to right to do anything we desire?

The answer is a definite “no.”  Religion says “yes,” (but with the resultant penalties, but nothing to prevent us to do what we like) but common logic says NO.  For example, if our free will wanted us to de-materialize and pop-up on a planet on the other side of the galaxy - - Could we?  Hardly – as we’re not yet into that mental technology.  So – in a limited sense (and a very limited one), our wills are free – but in a very limited sense. 

For example, did we decide (in this dimension) what sex we would be born with?  What about the identity of our parents?  And how about the sicknesses we just “happen” to get?  Also, is it us who decides which job we might get?  And what about the manner and time of our death?  Free will, by definition, would dictate that we would have foreknowledge of all these events – wouldn’t it?

Another subject.  What about fulfilled prophecy?  Pre-destiny?  This is not necessarily Biblical alone, because Nostrodamus had a fairly good hand on the future too.  How could he or anyone know about a predestined happening, and be almost 100% accurate?

Taken to the logical extension, this would mean that EVERY action taken by us was preceded by pre-programmed intelligent planning in the quantum world as well, the electrons, atoms, and molecules, the energy between, etc., for any action to have taken place.  So then, with pre-destination, external actions are not only pre-programmed, but the very quantum physics itself comes under the control of this infinite intellect that’s planning our creative mobility and progress.  All creation then must have been collectively pre-programmed, and consequently is now moving toward the program’s outcome. 


So, the following is simply “Food for thought.”  And let’s see what comes up. 


This “predestination” starts to be simple to understand when we consider the fact that time is a huge illusion here.  There was no past and there will be no future, because at those times, everything is in the PRESENT.  Past and future (from our regular viewpoint don’t exist.)  Only eternity exists, and that eternity is FOREVER NOW.   ETERNITY IS.  It is a present thing – always present, and NOT future. And that explains to the “religious” folks about how “God” always IS – ‘cause that’s the “viewpoint” of their idea of “God.”  I.E. God always was and will be.

On the other side of the argument, IF something is indeed predestined, then doesn’t that make EVERY happening leading up to that incident, pre-destined as well?  This must, of necessity, include the quantum molecular behavior of everything involved.  It must also include the weather, time of day, peoples’ moods, attitudes and the like (and, by extension) what caused those attitudes weather, etc.  In fact – by extension – the whole of creation must somehow be involved, and have been involved forever, in the smallest occurrence of us little people.

This would indicate that EVERYTHING happening in creation is a planned activity, and nothing is left to the by-product of chance or human whims.  So then, SOMETHING (some Infinite Intelligence) is running everything in EVERY detail, as It chooses, in every miniscule detail.  And this methodology MUST go on, continually.  So, EVERYTHING that has been past and will happen in the future is already (and has been eternally) in the mind of the Infinite “It.”  (Please remember that there is NO time as the Infinite perceives it.)   So then, that makes us really akin to robotical clones with absolutely NO will of our own.  We are totally and completely programmed in all aspects of our lives.  This is something to really think about – even it fractures our fragile egos.  To have responsible “free will” here, is something we MUST yet learn.  Or, probably we’re simply not ready to handle, or dispense, “free will.” 

So then, we may ask:  “Why not do anything we like?”  Since that’s what we’ve always been taught?  The answer is within the inexorable law of karma – a part of the eternal creation formula.  If we do wrong (or good) to anyone (or thing) it WILL always come back to us.  “Do we have ANY free will at all?”  Sure.  We can look at the facts – prove them to our satisfaction – and our free wills can either accept the facts or not.  I.e. we either go along with the Infinite, or not.  We don’t have to believe everything.  It’s our choice.  But we must take the time and effort to study and examine the subjects first – that can save us a lot of grief later; as our painful tenures in the Worldweird Cult have proved.  And then, we can want whatever we want (our free wills following [or in sync with] the Infinite, Divine “flow”) and IF our wills align themselves with the input of the Infinite Thinking, then we’ll possibly have it perfectly.  So we MUST be extremely cautious about what we desire, as it will automatically carry with it the resultant karma – to one degree or other.  Hint – it’s Ok to ask for advice, even from the higher dimensions.  We must also learn to be receptive – and wise.  This will be an excellent training ground for our own creative roles – whenever we’re ready.  Let’s remember – eternity and we are here (or somewhere) forever. 

The next thing we might ask is why the Infinite wants such control?  Answer:  Because infinite, perfect growth would be impossible without this process.  We, ourselves, wouldn’t have a clue where to start.  So it must be done for us.  And THAT is what the Infinite wants:  Perfect satisfactory growth, forever  . . . .and with NO mistakes.  After all, It IS perfect.  And Its creation MUST be the same way. 

Our essay here won’t probably make any difference in our physical day to day activities, and it’s not intended to.  However, mentally, it can give another perspective on life, creation, and where and how we all mesh together.  And here’s where we CAN have a choice – if we want. 

The question is: do we submit to an “Ultimate Fuhrer,” or to an eternity of exciting, infinite possibilities, and exploration through this and other galaxies – in this and parallel universes – in this and the infinite number of dimensions available?

And this is where our “free will” choice comes in.  Is our eternity all to be involved with the “Ultimate Fuhrer,” or with the “Infinite Adventure?”  That will be where our choice enters.


What’s it gonna be?







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