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      Garner Ted Armstrong Letter
      Regarding Herbert W. Armstrong's Incest


      Garner Ted Armstrong's response to a person's recent inquiry about the Kessler letter and the natural questions regarding Herbert W. Armstrong's incest with his daughter Dorothy. Notice that he doesn't say that it never happened, that his father was a fine, upstanding man who would never do anything like that.

      Hey Garner Ted Armstrong, I'm not disappointed at all. What you don't say, speaks volumes.


      The Church of God International
      Post Office Box 2530,
      Tyler, Texas, 75710

      Garner Ted Armstrong, Founder

      July 28,1997

      Dear Mr. (Name Withheld by Request),

      I'm sorry, but I really have no comment about the very lengthy letter from Jack Kessler. The entire situation is completely moot at this time, of course. My father died at age 93 1/2 back in 1986, eleven years ago, and I certainly have no desire to resurrect a lot of ancient ghouls from their graves and engage in a lot of criticism involving the actions of individuals in that organization decades ago.

      Nothing my father did, negative or positive, matters to my personal salvation, or to yours.

      For the last twenty years, I have continued to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God as a witness and a warning to the world, and I have never engaged in the kind of spiritual "grave robbing" that exhumes ancient sins of fifty or sixty years ago, and attempts to defile and defame the memory of individuals who themselves are long since dead.

      Sorry if this proves disappointing to you, but I simply have no further comment.


      Ganner Ted Armstrong

      "Nothing my father did, negative or positive, matters to my personal salvation, or to yours."

      I would call that an ineffectual ministry of a self-declared minister who dared to place himself between man and God (as he understood Him), wouldn't you?

      I'm sure Garner Ted Armstrong would not want to defame his father since his whole claim to fame, his whole ministry, is based on his ordination by his father. The same goes for all the other ministers of Worldwide Church of God and its many daughters. They may throw out all Herbert W. Armstrong ever taught but, they will not throw him out.

      They need him more than ever.


      NOTICE! UPDATE 5/2011

      "Into Bed With Garner Ted Armstrong, THE MOVIE"

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      See the pudgy, little, tattooed, adulterous creep in all is naked glory(?) cavorting around in the nude, wanking on his little pee-pee. How the mighty have fallen!  

      I take no pleasure in this. If the creep would just get out of the religion business, I wouldn't care what he did sexually as long as he wasn't hurting someone.

      If you are interested in more information on Garner Money Ted:

      Try to find Harry Crews' essay:
      "Temple of the Airwaves: A Visit with Garner Ted Armstrong and The World Tomorrow."
      (December 1976): 108-110, 166, 169-171, 174, 176.

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