The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

God Bless America?
By Ed Sr.

Numerous people are now saying "God Bless America." Would that it were true. While I am as angry and shocked as anyone else regarding the terrorist attack on the WTC in New York, I think that God is getting a free pass on this one.

God bless America? Uh..... right. We sure are being blessed right now. Go ask the thousands of dead people that were in the WTC towers how blessed they feel. Ask their families. Go ask the possibly thousands of young men and women who will have to die to defend our country, how blessed they will feel when they are very dead. Ask their families.

What, in particular, has God done to help America in this instance? Am I missing something here? New York City has been devastated, thousands of our innocent citizens have been killed, billions of dollars will have to be spent to rebuild, wives are now without husbands, husbands without wives, children without parents, parents without children, lives are irrevocably changed, we are now at war, yet people will go to church and pray to the God that could have spared us this tragedy so very easily, but didn't. Yet Billy Graham will say: "My prayer today is that we will feel the loving arms of God wrapped around us, and will know in our hearts that He will never forsake us as we trust in Him." Excuse me Billy, but I think your head must be where the sun don't shine. We can feel the terrorist's arms wrapped around us and we know in our hearts that we cannot trust this "god" to help us; we have to do it ourselves.

Why do people put so much trust and confidence in a god that will not help them when they need the help the most? Why will people give god the credit for helping them get a job or a parking place but will just ignore the fact that god allowed thousands of people to be killed before our very eyes?

It is mind-boggling to me that people will completely tune out the fact that they have been betrayed by this "god" and go and mindlessly pray to IT for comfort. This religion thing is truly a drug and the believers are addicts. They need to go and pray and get their minds "fixed" because their god fails them so miserably. And it is the same god that betrays them that they ask to "fix" them. It is like the wife whose husband will beat her and she will not leave him or press charges against him but continually keeps giving him another chance, being afraid of life without him.

Those of us that can look at life and death without the fear of death scaring us into "needing" a religion, find the belief in a god that cares about anyone to be completely without any basis in fact.

We know how the Christian god is called a "Father." If this "Father god" was actually compared to a human "father" he would be in jail for child abuse. No human father would have the lack of compassion for his children that this god must have for his "children." No human father would be allowed to see his children in trouble and stand back and do nothing.

What good do we get out of this god? Does IT protect us from danger? Obviously not. Does IT heal us of disease? Obviously not, just go visit a hospital some time; try the children's ward. If someone recovers from a disease or sickness, who gets the credit? The doctors? The scientists? Luck? No, God gets the credit. But, if someone dies of a disease, it is just "god's will" or we "can't understand how deep and mysterious are the ways of god." If someone "miraculously" survives a tragedy while thousands of others die miserably, god gets the credit. In that case, god has to get the credit for letting all those others die, but he doesn't.

People have so little confidence in this "god" that they are afraid to ask IT to do anything provable. They will ask IT to "comfort" those that are in mourning. Well, that is really helpful. This god didn't have enough power or caring to prevent this event that caused the mourning but we think he may have enough power or compassion to help someone deal with their tragedy, but only if we pray enough or light enough candles or go to church or get "right" with him.

If they do pray for something that god does not give them, god gets a free pass because it is just not his will and we can't question God. Just keep praying and paying. Probably the fault is yours: you are committing some sin that is separating you from god, you are not giving "god" enough of your money. If God allows a tragedy to hit our country, the religious types will say, and are saying, that it is because of the ACLU, the homosexuals, the Blacks, the Jews, the Secularists, etc. We have to get rid of these people who don't believe as we do, and then god will bless us.

This country is "blessed" because we live in a climate that is good. This country is "blessed" because of all our natural resources. All this was here long before any of us came on the scene. It hasn't been miraculously placed here by divine intervention just because we need it. This country is "blessed" because our founding fathers, many of whom were Deists and not Christians, gave us a Constitution that has protected our freedom down through the years. And one thing that has kept us free is our freedom of religion, or better, freedom from religion. The religious types would love to have a state religion, as long as it is their particular brand. Religion and belief in this invisible, hidden, helpless, powerless, impotent, useless god, who needs "men" to do his works for him, has done more damage in this world than any terrorist has.

We are "blessed" because we have freedom, not free because we are "blessed." We are on our own. There is no god looking over us that is protecting us from anything. Look at your own individual life and you will know that this is true. Don't kid yourself. We have to protect ourselves. We need the very best and strongest and most technologically advanced military because we are on our own.

We need to tell these religionists to keep the hell out of our lives until they can show us some actual proof that there is any god that cares about us. The evidence is completely the opposite. The religionists use the fear of death to control the minds and lives of those weak people who cannot deal with the fact that there is no god that cares one good shit about any of us. The only thing that the religionist can promise you, for sure, is a life in the hereafter; and just try to prove that wrong. But, they cannot prove it is right, either. Its all a matter of what you WANT to believe. People don't care that there is no proof at all of a life after death. All they care about is they don't want anyone messing with their little baby blanket that they can suck on and feel comfort. It helps them deal with death and tragedy. They don't want to have to think about it so they turn to religion for comfort regardless of the lack of any evidence that it is true.

God bless America? Only if you have the "right religion" and are "right with god," according to the "Reverend" Jerry Falwell, and that will never happen as long as we have freedom in this country. Until then, you had better be blessing yourself by doing all you can, individually and collectively. Don't be waiting for "god" to do anything for you. And, especially don't be trusting this paper god to defend you from harm; we should have at least learned that from this tragedy.

"God" will "bless" this country only to the extent that our hardworking, loving, dedicated, patriotic citizens do EVERYTHING for themselves. And then "God" will get the credit for it.

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