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Here is a 1981-82 pictorial listing of the men that were ministers still employed by The Worldwide Church of God after the whole rotten truth came out about the abuses of money, corrupt lifestyle, and the sexual abuses of Herbert W. Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong.

Less than three years after the Ambassador Report began to be published and the infamous 60 Minutes/Mike Wallace Television Interview of Stanley Rader, these men were still employed full-time by the Worldwide Church of God. Were they all just as ignorant of these facts as the gullible members/sheep that they led? Or did they know The Painful Truth and hide it for their own selfish reasons? As far as we know, these men have never publicly apologized for or admitted their crimes of vanity, lust and greed against the loyal, uninformed, lied to, misled members that they, as ministers, kept in ignorance.

These men had to know about all this crap and yet they chose to stick with their employer. They did not reveal the Plain Truth to the members of their churches. They kept it to themselves. WHY?

The 1981-82
Worldwide Church of God
Hall of Shame
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Heine: "Christ rode on an ass, but now asses ride on Christ."

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