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"Herbert Armstrong's TANGLED WEB"
(268 Pages)

by David Robinson
Copyright (c) 1980 by David Robinson,
All rights reserved.

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I. Idealism versus Reality
II. Until the Return of Christ
III. The Cover-Up
IV. Religious Hypocrisy - a Special Vice
V. Control - The Name of the Game
VI. Sex and the Single Apostle
VII. Herbert W. Armstrong's Marriage and Illness
VIII. Garner Ted's Outster
IX. Herbert W. Armstrong Adopts the Primacy of Peter Heresy
X. The Little "Big Man"
XI. Herbert W. Armstrong's Embarrassment with Christ
XII. The Jewish Connection and the Rise of Stanley Rader
XIII. Conversations and Confrontations with Stanley Rader
XIV. Conspiracy and Chaos
XV. Stabbed in the Back
XVI. Roderick Meredith - The Broken Reed
XVII. Raymond McNair - Loyal "Buffie"
XVIII. Gerald Waterhouse - The Long-Winded Prophet of Petra
XIX. Face to Face with Herbert Armstrong
XX. Incest!

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