Company Profile:
Interclaim's primary business is the worldwide enforcement and recovery of large claims and debts owed to banks, financial services organizations, governments, and individuals or groups of individuals. We specialize in the recovery of wealth which has been fraudulently taken and then hidden in multiple jurisdictions by white-collar criminals. Interclaim is a private, institutionally financed company based in Dublin, Ireland, licensed as part of Ireland's International Financial Services Centre.

Interclaim identifies claims, judgments, or debts which have been abandoned by their owners, or which have not been enforced because their owners lack the financial or human capital necessary to conduct effective enforcement proceedings in multiple jurisdictions at the same time. Interclaim takes on the financial risks of claim enforcement by either purchasing such claims or establishing joint ventures with the claim owners.

Interclaim carefully examines each claim that it acquires, then constructs a claim-specific recovery plan that is designed to unravel dynamically in many jurisdictions simultaneously. We pursue all avenues aggressively, using any legal means available to us in each jurisdiction, in coordination with local lawyers and investigators.

Interclaim's core business is demanding and complex, weaving comparative preemptive remedy law, multi-jurisdictional analytical and investigative tools, and forensic document examination into a sophisticated global asset recovery practice.


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