The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

 I Think I Will Join A Cult Today!

by Louise

October 28, 1995

You know, no one gets up one morning and says to themselves, "I think I will become an alcoholic or drug addict." and just in the same vein, no one says to themselves, "I think today I will join a cult." If you have never been sucked into alcoholism, drug addiction, or a cult, you cannot begin to imagine the subtly of a cult. Being an ex-cult member, I am just as incredulous that people at large are so arrogant that they think they would not get sucked into a cult. Cults never say, "here I am, I am a cult, and I want to take your money, put you under mind control, destroy your relationships, strip you of all self esteem, and bring you completely under my power to do my bidding. I want to own you body, soul, spirit and make myself rich by your sucking your life blood out of you like a vampire." If they would say that, you would run like the wind. No, they present themselves cloaked in attractive packaging.

You see, it is common everyday regular people just like you and the kid next door that get recruited into cults. Cults use every technique available to them to obtain their VICTIMS. Do not be deceived, cults set out to deliberately bring in bright young people. It is easy to think that only the mentally impaired or the ignorant are sucked into cults. The truth is far from that idea, however. You will find that it is often above average intelligence persons that are in cults, as well as very psychologically normal individuals. After they have been in a cult for awhile, however, they are no longer such normal individuals. Some cults cater to the older people, other cults cater to the Hollywood group, and others cater to college students, and still others get their victims at business seminars, quasi-"churches", and even in the psychologists offices.

Many people that are actually in cults, do not know that they are in a cult. This includes all of the above groups. Under the guise of other agendas, the cults covertly pursue their hidden agenda, that of subverting your will to them and their goals. They are after your loyalty, money, time and life blood. This is all done very subtly and because you are not at all suspicious, you do not even take note of just when it was that you lost your free will to them.

With the tragedy at Waco, I heard many people comment about how stupid the people were that were inside with Koresh. Not wanting to blow my cover as an ex-cult member of the cousin group, WWCG, I did not comment. However, it got me to thinking about those people inside the compound. I understood their loyalty and apparent stupidity. They were completely under mind control and had no freedom within the confines of the cult to make any independent decisions other that follow the orders that Koresh set before them. They were mindless, just as I had once been. It is hard to impossible for anyone that has never been under the influence of mind control to understand in any great capacity the control that another person or group can have over an individual. As I listened to talk show after talk show trying to figure out the dynamics of the whole Waco incident, I realized how ignorant our entire country is about the evil that lurks around every corner, in regards to cults.

I believe that the average citizen of this "FREE COUNTRY" does not believe in the ability of anyone bringing THEM under mind control. I don't think many people even buy the idea that mind control even EXISTS! They do not like the idea of being that vulnerable, so they just go into denial. If it is not there, is not real, and is just about dumb and stupid mentally ill people that they cannot relate to, they do not have to fear it. The truth is, that mentally ill people cannot be "brainwashed" or brought under mind control. The cults want normal intelligent people to do the work that they have in store for them. Sensitive and intelligent people are drawn into cults by the very fact that they are sensitive and intelligent. These are the people that see the things wrong in society and the world, and want to do something about it. Cults target them by offering answers to questions that these people are asking.

 But the truth is that it does exist and it is all around us. Cults are flourishing in this country. Cults are BIG BUSINESS in America. Cult leaders train their victims to become recruits of new victims. Members of cults do what is now called "LOVE BOMBING". This is a deliberate seeking out of individuals, making "friends", and being seemingly very interested in them. In WWCg we were told every service just about, to greet the new comers, shake their hands and talk to them. We were taught what to say, and how to say it. We were constantly told how to act, and how to subtly bring people into the cult. Other cults do things in various ways, but the seeming friendliness and "love" that they show the newcomers are fake and false, they are just doing what the guru in charge of the group has decreed. If they are told to shun you for instance, like I was shunned by people I knew for as long as 15 years in the cult, they will turn on you in a heart beat and at the word of the guru shun you and treat you as though you are Satan himself. It took this very shunning for me to realize how fake and false the whole system of the WWCg really is. THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD WAS AND REMAINS ..... A CULT. PREACHING LOVE. INSTEAD IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY, GREED, POWER AND CONTROL, AND REMAINS A GIANT SCAM, ALL IN THE NAME OF RELIGION!



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