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Suicides And The Worldwide Church Of God

This is a very delicate subject that I have hesitated to get into but I feel that there may be an inordinate amount of suicides by members and former members of the Worldwide Church of God. I think it should be documented and recorded for posterity and to show the true legacy of this "miracle church" that can have so much evil in its dark history, with the effects of its cultic past continuing to affect and infect people, to their ultimate hurt, to this day. An evil tree, with evil roots will not bear good fruit.

I would like to list the "Non-Ministers" that may have brought each person to the point where they no longer want to live anymore but nobody knows which one may have done the ultimate damage or whether it was an accumulation of damage done by multiple "Non-Ministers." The Worldwide Church of God may have attracted some unstable people because of its goofball teachings, and I am not saying that that is the case for any of the people below, but that does not account for all the young people who grew up in the church that have killed themselves. This is a sad testimony to the teachings and "leadership" of this church.

I do not want to intrude into any person's private life or personal pain, therefore I will not post any names unless requested by the closest family. One person has requested that I make available a link to memorial web pages or to pictures and I will do that also, if requested.

If you know of any suicides in your area, please send me the details. All information regarding identification of the victims will be kept confidential except as posted on the Statistics Page. That info is necessary in order to prevent duplications. Editor.  Email

Suicide Statistics For The Worldwide Church of God
Message from John Ouvrier Regarding Suicides
Reactions of ministers and brethren to the suicides.
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Understanding Youth Suicides
in the Bethlehem, PA
Worldwide Church of God Church Area

By Sharon L.



Links To Sites That Try To Help



This is a very helpful site. Maintained by a mother of a 15-year-old who killed himself in 1998. Lots of resources for loved ones left behind, e-mail support groups, a message board, information on suicide, recommended books, where to find support groups by state, lots of links. Probably one of the most comprehensive sites available on suicide.

http:// w

(Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network)

SPAN, a non profit, 501(C)(3) organization, is dedicated to the creation of an effective national suicide prevention strategy. SPAN links the energy
of those bereaved by suicide with the expertise of leaders in science, business, government and public service to achieve the goal of significantly reducing the national rate of suicide by the year 2010.



Words from their website:
"Because of the internal nature of depression and loneliness, thousands of youth who appear to be happy are screaming silently in the deepest emotional pain, what can we do? We can reach out and help youth with the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program!

Teens and youth are using this very unique program - lives are being saved! They are learning a vital life skill. Schools, colleges, churches, organizations and individuals are making the cards available to youth.  The United States, Canada, Australia and 40 additional countries have youth and adults actively using this program.  We invite you to join with others and help save lives!"




The purpose of the National Suicide Prevention Directory (NSPD) is to provide the public with a central source of contact information for suicide prevention organizations committed to providing educational and counseling programs aimed at long term suicide prevention action.
  Night Falls Fast : Understanding Suicide
by Kay Redfield Jamison Price: $18.20
Hardcover - 320 pages (October 1999)
"Suicide is a particularly awful way to die: the mental suffering leading up to it is usually prolonged, intense, and unpalliated," writes Kay Redfield Jamison. "There is no morphine equivalent to ease the acute pain, and death not uncommonly is violent and grisly." Jamison has studied manic-depressive illness and suicide both professionally--and personally. She first planned her own suicide at 17; she attempted to carry it out at 28. Now professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, she explores the complex psychology of suicide, especially in people younger than 40: why it occurs, why it is one of our most significant health problems, and how it can be prevented. Jamison discusses manic-depression, suicide in different cultures and eras, suicide notes (they "promise more than they deliver"), methods, preventive treatments, and the devastating effects on loved ones. She explores what type of person commits suicide, and why, and when. She illustrates her points with detailed anecdotes about people who have attempted or committed suicide, some famous, some ordinary, many of them young. Not easy reading, either in subject or style, but you'll understand suicide better and be jolted by the intensity of depression that drives young people to it. --Joan Price

The New York Times Book Review, Andrew Solomon
She learned something glowing and invaluable from the close brush with self-inflicted death that drives her and that will impel her readers...

Gay Youth Suicide Problems
http //

Better Dead Than Gay?
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 http ://

The Mental Health Network
http: // suicidal.htm

Suicide Resources
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Being Gay In A Homophobic World
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Prayers for Bobby: Son of fundamentalist's commits suicide http:// http ://

Resource Guide for Gay/Lesbians
http: //

Information Needed

I would like to compile as much information as I can on the subject. As much detail as possible would be helpful, such as; how old was the person when they started to attend, what calendar year did they start attending, what church area, who pastored their area, did both parents attend, did they get jobs inside or outside the church, did his (her) family situation change due to finances or divorce, what was the person's level of formal education, how were the survivors treated after the tragedy?

This is important to me. It may take a while to compile enough verifiable information to write about the topic, but hopefully the results will be worth the effort. Perhaps some of the guilt and shame being suffered by the parents of these suicide victims will be rightfully replaced with outrage towards those who created this emotionally intolerable environment in the first place; namely, our so-called spiritual "leaders."    

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