The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

What Would Jesus Do?????

By Ed Sr.

Email received 9/3/99:

Dear Sir--in reference to your web page concerning various ministers of the Worldwide Church of God and why they deserve to be canned, I strongly disagree with you about Joseph Tkach Jr., and also about my minister (Fort Smith, Ark. church), Terry Warren.

Neither one of them is a "gold digger", and neither one is a hypocrite, as far as I can see!! Granted, the Worldwide Church of God in the past was deceived, and very much mislead ( I was baptized in 1973, during the "Garner Ted" era), but, even during that time, I believe that a lot of the ministers were true christians, but that they were, just like all the rest of us, mislead!!!;, which led them, naturally to give out the advice & counsel that they did!!!

So, please, don't throw the baby out with the bath water, ok? I am still a member of Worldwide Church of God, and the change in it is like a (HUGE) breath of fresh air!!!!! a completely different organization, and I look forward to services each Sunday morning, and I attend because I want to, not because I am "commanded" to!! Well, thank you for listening

in christian love, Larry


Your church , the Worldwide Church of God, was built on the foundation blocks made out of the powder of ground up bones of former and present members, mixed with their blood, sweat and tears. Your church is the "whited sepulchre" mentioned by your Jesus, full of dead men's bones. Founded in incest and iniquity. Run, through the years, by corrupt men ruling with an iron fist and using the fear of death to steal money from people who loved God. Existing today because the leaders have no true love for people, no repentance for the horrible past that they must inherit along with the money from the past, and no fear of God.

You are a good example of how quickly people can forget and repeat the errors of history especially if it has been hidden from them.

A grievous wrong has been done to humanity by your beloved Worldwide Church of God. This is not something that happened centuries ago; this is now. This can be repented of properly, in dust and ashes, now. The damaged parties are still alive. This is not like the Catholic Church repenting of the evils of the Inquisition or the Crusades; religious misleading done centuries ago. Its easy for the Catholics to be repentant now or to say they are (don't know if they ever have) since there is nobody still around who was damaged by them. But there are still plenty of damaged people around that your church could be attempting to "bind up" and "make whole." Its called Reparation. It has not happened and there are no plans for it to happen.

It hasn't happened because the motivating factors behind the continued existence of the Worldwide Church of God is money and power, which is not much different from any other religion or Christianity in particular. Yes, they are different in their beliefs now, compared to what was believed before. Now they are more like mainstream Christianity. Not much to be proud of there, believe me. The main problem with this is that they are doing it with the stolen money, blood money, of those whom they have damaged in the past. Are you comfortable with that? They are.

Judas had the right idea. He threw his blood money away after he saw the enormity of what he had done and went and hung himself. I'm not saying that the ministers of the Worldwide Church of God ought to kill themselves, but the fact that more of them haven't indicates the type of shameless, self-important, unloving, uncaring men that they are. They should be shocked at what they have been responsible for or, at least, been a part of over the past years, so shocked that they can no longer continue to pretend to be representatives of God. If they feel they have any right or calling to still be a minister, (How they could ever think this is God's desire, after they see how incredibly wrong they have been in the past, is beyond me. God was not with them then but now he is. Right.) they should walk away from their present positions and go start another church from scratch. They should have the faith that Jesus is supporting their ministry enough to not need the money that rightfully belongs to the people that had it blackmailed out of their wallets under threats of eternal death and damnation.

What would YOUR Jesus do if He were in Tkach's place today? I think I know how the Jesus that I used to worship would react:


"Okay, okay, the meeting will come to order. Boys, you really screwed up. You are responsible for ruining people physically, spiritually and mentally. Because of the generations of people that you and your predecessors have misled and damaged and raped and killed in my name, you have affected the lives of millions of people who will live or not live in future generations. What you are responsible for, individually and as group, is despicable and I want you to realize the enormity of what you have done.

I know that you figure that you have a great little money-maker here and your lives are particularly good since you pay yourselves very well and have very little work to do, but now it is time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. Or, should I say that the smell of what you have done as a church, in my name, has reached the highest Heaven and we really don't want to put up with your crap any longer. And just let me add that you have made a mockery of My name and all that I stand for: love, justice, mercy, etc. And since you show none of these qualities towards those whom your church has damaged, I am closing down the Worldwide Church of God, as of today.

I can read your minds, so I know that you are not thinking of what will happen to your sheep and who will lead them if you are not there for them. No, you are thinking "But what about my retirement? How will I live?" Sheeeeshhhhh...... How have I ever put up with you pretending to be my representatives this long?

As far as your retirement, you wouldn't really want to use this blood money, that you wrung out of my little ones, to have a life of ease and doing nothing (which is basically what you have been doing while you have been "doing my work for me") while the people that you stole the money from will have no retirement at all, now would you? You would? Yeah, I know. That is why I am closing you down.

You are just going to have to take some of the advice that you had no problem dealing out to my little ones who thought they were following me but were really following you. And you misled them. In my name. So now, do what you told them: trust me to solve your problems for you. Let me give you a little hint: don't sit too long at your table waiting for food to miraculously appear on your plate. Go get an honest job. Or, go get another job as a minister. But, mainly, just go.

I'm ashamed of you for your attitude of putting money ahead of doing what is right. I'm ashamed of you for not trying to make whole what you have broken. I'm ashamed that you have no empathy for the people you have damaged, that you do not feel their pain enough to want to do something to relieve them with their own money, which you stole from them. I'm ashamed of you for telling people that THEY have a problem if they don't just outright forgive you with no sign of deep repentance from you. I'm ashamed of you for thinking that all you have to do to wipe out all your grievous sins against my little ones is say that you found Me. Its a neat little religion that you have invented here but it is not anywhere near what I intended. I'm ashamed of you for continuing to hide the truth about the Worldwide Church of God's history of abuses of people and money and sex and lying from the present members. You ought to tell them the truth, the whole painful truth, and then let them decide if they want to continue to associate with you.

I'm ashamed FOR you, since you don't seem to have any shame of your own, for thinking that you qualify to teach about me simply because you were ministers ordained by HWA or one of his henchmen but now you have found Me and now all you have to do is teach something completely different and you can still be a minister. Don't you see that you are disqualified because of what you believed and taught? If any engineering company spent 50 years building bridges and then all the bridges collapsed, don't you think those engineers are disqualified from ever building another bridge? If you were doctors, you would be sued for malpractice. If religion wasn't protected by law, you might be in jail right now for any number of charges, and if you did nothing wrong yourself, you are guilty by association and because you were a part of the hierarchy. If you were indeed just as stupid as the people that you were supposed to be leading, what makes you any smarter than them now? You think that all you have to do is put on a different suit of clothes (beliefs) and now you are different and deserve to have your same job. Your gall and your arrogance never cease to amaze me. As ministers of mine, you people are disqualified. Period.

You want to claim to represent me but you don't even know me. And I don't know you. How can you read that story of the Good Samaritan in your Bible and not see how that applies to you? You see, religion, to you, is just a business. You really don't care about people. All you care about is money. The bible says that a bad tree will not bear good fruit. That saying has been brought to fruition (get it?) by the Worldwide Church of God: very bad roots, a very bad tree and very bad fruit. And my instructions are to cut down the tree and throw it into the fire.

That's it boys, end of meeting. Turn in your fake sheepskins, sheriff's badges and your iron rods. And remember: Just because I don't immediately punish you for your evil, doesn't mean that I don't care about what you are doing. I'll be watching you."



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