The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Worldwide Church of God Members Indicted by the Court of Heaven

HP (Heavenly Press)
Ed Sr. Correspondent

It has been decided by the Elders in Heaven that the present members of the Worldwide Church of God will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity along with the leaders of the church who falsely call themselves "ministers of God" but who, instead, are ministers of mammon.

The Elders say that, "even though the present members did not directly participate in the atrocities and may have even been victims themselves, they take on responsibility for these atrocities by knowingly and willingly remaining as members and giving their support, both monetary and "moral," to those that continue to cover up and belittle the heinous acts of the church in the past." They are, in the words of the Elders, "accomplices after the fact and enablers." If the ministers are found guilty, the members will take on all the guilt along with the ministers.

The word is that they will indeed all be found guilty because the only defense that they are making is that they are trying to shift the responsibility onto another person.

These ministers and members are said to be placing all the blame on Jesus but it is reported that Jesus says that he doesn't even know these people. He says that these people say that they know Him but they don't do anything that He has said they should do. They have no love for anyone but themselves and no guilt for all the evil that their church has committed in the past. They have not lifted one finger to help all the people that they have damaged over the years and they plan to use the money that is tied up in property that was purchased years ago, before the present administration, for their own retirements. Jesus says that this kind of thinking is totally opposite to anything He would ever do or advise. He says that these people have never contacted Him in regards to these matters, since their prayers don't go any further than their ceilings. He says that their sins have separated them from Him and He has seen no true repentance. He says that His Father will deal with them if they are found guilty. (Note that His Father has not been known for showing much restraint in punishing people in the past.)

It has also been reported that the daughter churches of Armstrongism will be prosecuted along with the Worldwide Church of God. Jesus says that He doesn't know them either.

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