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Yours? Yours? Yours? Yours? Yours? Yours? Yours?

Here are some samples of hate mail I get from "Loving Christians."

Be forewarned that I will publish all email addresses of people who send me this type of message. I also will NOT spell check or correct your grammar for you. When you send me mail that I don't request, it is mine. I can post it, trash it, send it to the FBI, forward it to your ISP or do whatever I want with it. I don't have to get permission to use it. Your sending it to me gives me that permission. I do ask for permission to use all other correspondence that is not hate mail.

Any threats will be forwarded to the FBI, since it will probably be interstate. No second chances anymore.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Suite 600
330 East Kilbourn Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202-6627
(414) 276-4684

If any of you nuts show up on my doorstep, my Doberman, "Killer", would be glad to mEAT you. My house is also protected by Colt and Remington.

I will not reply to every hate mail anymore. I will only post it here for all to see how nuts you are.

I also reserve the right to edit if your message gets too long but I will not destroy the true idiocy that you are trying to convey. Do not include Bible quotations since I will most likely delete them. References are okay, to a point.

And don't feel bad if I don't reply to you; I mean, what would the point be? I don't feel it is my job to convince you of anything. I'm just making the information available. I tell you the truth and you hate me for it. You would rather believe a lie than admit you were wrong.

I will not put any message on this page of those who can calmly disagree with me without condemning me and calling me names.

This is basically a "For Idiots Only" page. I also will not publish your letter if I think you are only trying to get attention. I have to think you are a genuine idiot for you to get on this page.

As a gesture of good will, I am taking down the names and email addresses of those who have sent me the following messages. Do not interpret this as weakness. I will still post any new hate mail addresses and names.

New on 3/27/98:

-----Original Message-----
Date: Friday, March 27, 1998 1:15 PM
>Just visted your web site and had to comment. If it weren't so real, it would be funny.

If you can call all the destruction that the wcg has perpetrated in the name of God funny, you are a sick person indeed.

> Unfortunately, your like most of the disgruntled people in the world who blame their own problems on somebody else.

Unfortunately you would rather blame God for all the problems in the world. I place the blame where it belongs.

>You position yourself as a true Christian,

Sorry, you will find nothing on my site that says that I am a Christian any longer. People such as yourself, who call yourself "Christian" have given that religion a very bad taste in my mouth.

>yet your best sources of material come from an agnostic who was a tortured soul long before Ed began to reel you in.

The person that you refer to is not a source of mine for anything. We were all tortured souls in the wcg. Those who still remain are still tortured souls. Those who leave have found freedom from slavery.

>Well, don't suppose this will do you any good. Feel free to post it as "hate mail" if it eases you conscience.

Well now Mr. Nobody, why don't you leave your name for me to post along with it? You want to take anonymous shots at people but don't have the guts to stand up in public, as I and my agnostic friend do.

>We do pray for you Ed and hope that you will one day return to the true source, Jesus Christ.

Pray for yourself. I'm sure your prayers don't go much higher than your ceiling. If I want any prayers from you, I will ask you. Don't hold your breath.

>Oh, while I'm at it, you say Mr. Armstrong wasn't a religious man because of his personal life. Surely a man with such sins must be a prophet of Satan, right?

Just a pompous, greedy, rapist SOB. He gives Satan a bad name.

>Hmmm... seems to me that there have been a FEW men in biblical history that have had checkered pasts. Let's see... David slept with another man's wife and then had him murdered... Moses rebuked God's orders and was killed (taken) before the promised land was entered... Paul had Christians murdered before God converted him... you get the idea?

See my David Defence.
Seems to me that qualifies herbie as a real man of God then. Make sure you keep sending in your tithes and offerings now to God's one true church.

>There's only been one perfect human being who has been sinless Ed, or have you forgotten your biblical teachings already.

I remember them all too well. I can use a Bible to beat a person up with as well as anyone. About the only thing it is good for.

>How about we pick YOUR life apart and publish YOUR hidden sins for the world to see. Think you would stand up as well?

I have made that offer before. If anyone has any dirt on me, feel free to do whatever you want with it. Whatever little sins you could find of mine could not hold a candle to these bright shinning lights of Godly corruption. I feel it is a very fair trade to expose such evil being done in the name of God. But do not confuse me with my son, Ed Jr. He has nothing to do with this.
Maybe your own sins are so egregious that you would think that everyone is at least as bad as you? Maybe you feel that, if you will excuse the evil in the Worldwide Church of God, that God will excuse the evil in your own life?

>I don't think you would either...

>Your Neighbors

When I tried to send this response to My "Neighbor" here is what I got:
----- Transcript of session follows -----
<<< 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)
550 ... User unknown

What a COWARD. A person after herbies own heart.

New on 2/13/98:

To Ed :
Mr. Armstrong is not alive to defend himself. You are chewing on the bones of a dead man like some wicked dog.
Plus, you have never asked my permission to post my correspondence on your site.
I will give you 10 days to take your site down.
I have three witnesses.
Name witheld

New on 2/12/98:

YOu accuse others of being false prophets, but didn't the apostels also believe that the end was coming in thier lifetime? Then I would suspect that you are also acussing them. And what about Jesus Christ? Didn't He predict the end way before also? The references you say may be true, but have you ever considered that one may have repented of his wrongs? Who are you to judge another if God called him to do His work? All I see you do is tear down and that's satans attitude. HWA was used mightily by God because the fruits were their, but where are your fruits and where did you get your calling from and whom beggot you to the Eternal? Maybe you should try some of your own medicine, such as studying Gods word more than looking for fault in other people. Try also asking God for forgiveness and repent of this evil.

You may all feel good about what you are doing, but you are all being led by the blind. All these accusations are from people who are hurt or have been hurt and are trying to find a way to make themselves feel better.

You all forget one thing; We have been told not to follow a man, except as he follows Christ, even Paul siad so. Was Paul a perfect apostle? Did he also not say how bad he still was? Should we condemn hin and slander his name and teachings since it's recorded in the bible for all to see?

We must stop acting as spoiled little children and continue to grow spiritually and mature otherwise the day will come upon us and we be caught unaware. You who print all these accusations, do you have nothing better to do? Maybe you should try to teach Gods way of life so we may all learn to fear Him and repent of our own ways and deires which keep us apart from God.

You put down church Gov't. and I uphold it because Gods word teaches it as also did His Son Jesus Christ. You deny the only God who is above all and His Son Who is LOrd and Master and to Whom we who are called and will be changed when He comes will be under Him when He delivers the Kingdom to the Father. There are also those who are called to teach and admonish those who are in opposition and also those who have authority to ordain elders in every church. You all want to disect words and fail to underst what the true meaning of the scriptures say because you want to become intellectuals.

What has happened in the church is not because of Herbert W. Armstrong, but people like yourselves who twist the scriptures so you can do what you want to do. I don't say Herbert W. Armstrong was perfect, but he is the one to whom God used to bring you to the truth in the first place. If you attack him, then how will you act to your Heavenly Father? The problems lie with the members themselves and not just the leader just as in ancient Isreal. You are all united in your attacts against the man, but yet you are all divided in doctrines. How do you answer that? Is Christ divided? Is there not one true church of which we are baptised into by the Holy Spirit? Do you not know that not all who were called are not chosen and faithful?

About the doctrine on healing, the teaching is plain and simple. Doctors and the medical profession is of the world and the world is of satan. This profession has its roots in sorcery and magic if you are willing to hear. It's condemned by the Almighy and if you disregard His word then you do break His law of idolatry. God say in no uncertain terms that He alone is your healer. Jesus paid the price of you sicknesses by the tremenduos beating He took. If you believe He shed His blood for the Remission of your sins, then you must also believe that His beating was for you healings. Why do we partake of his Bdy as well as his Bood sacrifice at the Passover service?Also, the instructions in James tells us to go to the elders of the church for anionting when we are sick, and the prayer of faith WILL save the sick and they WILL be healed. Why do you think you see many sich, afflicted diseasedand dying in this end time now? Is it because there is not a God in Isreal who can save and deliver us? Did not Jesus Himself also say,"will He find faith on the earth when He retuns?" If we don't have the faith to be healed, then how can we think we will be saved? Ye of little faith, how long shall I bear with you?

About make-up, you should all know that it is definetely of the world and is pure vanity. If you make yourself a friend of the world you make yourself an enemey of God the Father. It is deception and those who teach otherwise are false teachers. A women is supposed to be modest and not show herself off to look like the world because she is to be an example to the world as well as to her family and to show respect to her parents as well as her husband. If a person is truely converted they will be content in whatever state they find themselves in and trust in God in every phase of there calling, whether it be for good or bad. It may not be pleasant for the moment, but afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of love.

You guys should stop trying to bash others and study to show yourselves approved by changing (repenting) your ways and conforming to the example of our Savior,Who set us the example on how to live in this world. He gave up all His glory and power to show you and all who would be called at this time how to enter The KINGDOM OF GOD, which is HIs Ruling Family that will be ruling the entirety of all creation begining at His return. We are supposed to be The Bride of Christ. How well do you fit the Description of that if you are not yet becoming perfected? Do you think he will marry some cheap tramp? You had beter get back to what His message is all about or you may be following a different gospel and a different spirit.

Unsigned. Name witheld

New on 2/9/98:

Do enjoy laughing at your logic. Nobody's right and God doesn't care?

Let me tell you what truth is. None of the churches headed by an ordained minister (WCG and splinters) are right. I am right. The two witnesses, Elijah III, will be right. You are wrong.

Name witheld

New on 1/6/98:

Unfortunately I was reading your story from Chapter 3 onwards and from that Chapter to towards the end I was quite fascinated by the knowledge expressed until I got to the end and realized it was an attack to all and sundry regarding their particular faith. All that I am thankful is that you only spared three lines to Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God to your condemnation of the Church. My family was in the same boat as yours with the WCOG and now have found faith in the PCOG. Please take time to subscribe to the FREE monthly magazines called TRUMPET and read FLURRY's book called MALACHI's message. We believe the teachings of Armstrong in Mystery of the Ages, (why didn't you mentioned the great Court case about this book?).

After wasting my time reading your bitterer article which no doubt wasted a lot of your allotted time on this Earth (time which may not be given back to you like a bank deposit).

Get back on track out of the Laodecean era and trust not a man but the word of God.

But in the meantime watch how history unfolds (January 16th the 12th anniversary of HWA's death), the United Muslim reunification, the 10 power nation emerging in Europe led by Germany. We've already passed the first one that being the split in the WCOG

God bless and I pray for your soul.
Name witheld PCOG follower.

New on 5/23/98:

Where does Jesus fit into all of this?

Are you still a Christian, or did you let man steal your salvation?

While the Worldwide Church of God had its faults, as does every denomination, beware lest a root of bitterness creep in, whereby many have been defiled. Also, be careful that you do not cross the line and begin to persecute Jesus.

Be forewarned that a man who refuses to retain God in his knowledge is turned over to a reprobate (morally abandoned mind) to do that which is not convenient.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. Romans 1

Do any of these attributes apply to you? If so, please read verse 32 again.

Please be advised that I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the Worldwide Church of God. I just happened to come across your site from another site which advised that it was a hate site. Indeed, it is. There is not one word that would steer someone to repentance and to Christ.

I feel your hurt and pain, but revenge is not the answer. Jesus will repay those who have hurt you.

One last warning. If you do not give up this bitterness and forgive, you will be eaten up with arthritis. I have counseled with many who have the affliction and they all had one thing in common -- unforgiveness. Of course, children can also have arthritis; this is due to the sins of the fathers. Why I would throw out my pearls to you is beyond my understanding. I pray that you do not trample them underfoot.

Please review your steps. Is Jesus leading you, or is it Satan. By the way, sign Satan up on the minister's page; after all, he is the author and instigator of all hate.

If I can be of any service to you; that is, counseling, prayer, etc., please feel free to write.

P.S. I thought Armstrong died several years back.

Yours in Christ,

David Parsons

Vanguard Magazine

New on 5/25/98:



There's a lot to be said for forgiveness. But one should have the humility and decency to leave it to the sinned against to do their own forgiving.

There are plenty of people out there who comfortably have never sweated fear for a second in their lives still ready to condemn Holocaust survivors or veterans of Stalin's Gulag because of their righteous anger against those who inflicted such sufferings on the innocent.

Mr. Parsons, sir, you ride high as a public Christian. Well, practice what you preach. The New Testament you revere as sacred and claim to live by tells you clearly to judge not lest you be judged. It also tells you not to judge others until you are in their place.

Well, sir, have you ever been in an abusive cult? Did you ever cause your own family to break up? Or suffer you husband and wife to leave you? Or watched any of your children die because you believed you and the child would be damned if you brought them to a doctor or gave them medicine? Or are you facing old age impoverished with no savings or 401K or home of your own because for decades you poured scores or hundred of thousands of dollars into that cult, only to find its teachings proved to be a pack of lies?

Or, for that matter, have you previously raised the slightest finger to give genuine aid to people who have been in such situations?

You made very clear what you ARE prepared to give them. You are prepared to give them your "counseling" and "prayer." Those are exactly the things that Jesus screamed his outraged abuse at the Pharisees for offering those who were in genuine suffering. He knew damn well that it wasn't remotely enough. It wasn't even a start. According to your own high moral standards, Jesus himself must have been 'led by Satan.' Are you prepared to give him the benefit of your "prayer" and "counseling" too?

At least a decade or two in the depths of Worldwide leaves one with a certain familiarity with Scripture, and good cause to note what the Bible actually says, compared with what ignorant, self-righteous fools claim that it says.

You proudly quoted Romans 1:28-32 to Mr. and his contributors. You accused them of "murder," "deceit", "boastings" "without natural affection", "fornication", "covetousness", "maliciousness", "implacable", "unmerciful", "deceit." Have you ever met Mr. or even corresponded with him? Have you ever met me? Or a single other contributor to Mr. 's site? Of course not! I do not know a single condemnatory adjective you freely threw around from Romans 1 that applies to Mr. or any of his collaborators. I do not know Mr. 's collaborators and therefore - naturally - it would never occur to me to make such false accusations about them. I DO know Mr. , and will testify before any court of law that not a single one of those negative adjectives applies to him.

It seems times must be hard at "Vanguard" (what is that, please?) since you clearly feel the need to find some new audience of dupes to express yourself as spiritually superior to. You clearly have a need to present your spiritual perfection or "service" to others.

"Counseling" "Prayer." Yes. You're very happy to offer THEM. But if you had to hear a person scream in pain, could you possibly resist the temptation to tell them what THEY are doing wrong in God's eyes while knowing nothing about it? How many people in the past have committed suicide after you counseled them? Did you ever ask yourself THAT question?

It is clear from your letter that you know nothing about psychiatry or psychology; nothing about the principles of psychotherapy. Have you never heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or ANY mutual support group? Obviously, they are only inferior substitutes for "lack of faith" in your eyes. Well, those of us who are veterans of Worldwide have heard such smoothly running sanctimonious lies all too often in the past.

There are many deep satisfactions in writing for Ed's site as many of us have found out. There is the discovery for the abused cult-victim that he, she is NOT alone; but that there are thousands of others out there who understand and share the pain because they have experienced it themselves. As with Alcoholics Anonymous, the experience of being within such a group is one of love and understanding, not hate. Had you bothered to really read a few of the letters on Ed's site, you should have understood that. But to the sanctimoniously self-righteous, all other things are contemptible, aren't they?

The deepest satisfaction, though, is the steady stream of heartfelt letters Ed receives from people who tell him how much his site has helped them to heal and to understand and to deal with the pain and loss that have been inflicted on them.

If you have the nerve to send Ed any more communications (Somehow I doubt it. Sanctimonious, judgmental shits like you, in my extensive experience, are invariably extreme physical and moral cowards), ask him how many letters of heartfelt thanks he receives a year. I do not doubt for a second that he receives far more than YOU do.

Elie Weisel writes of Holocaust deniers that they could not even leave the surviving victims alone with their pain. You, by your own admission, know nothing about Worldwide. You know nothing about the need of suffering victims to express, articulate and share their pain. You know nothing of the scoreS of thousands of ruined lives, or of the thousands long dead whose suffering deserves to be recorded and commemorated and remembered. It's unseemly to you, like dog dirt. You want the cries of pain swept out of the way. The hard and immensely documented truths of clinical psychiatry and counseling mean nothing to you. "Go and be warmed; go and be healed," by someone else, that's all you're willing to give.

You, sir, are a sanctimonious hypocrite. It is always the victims in their pain whom YOU condemn. And therefore, sir, YOU will be condemned. And if one is required to testify before you, and cast the first stone upon you, I hereby volunteer to do it.

The Watcher.

New on 5/29/98:

Dear Ed,

I am somewhat amazed that you placed my letter in your hatemail. This was certainly not my intent.

The Watcher's reply was even more astounding: "Have you ever met Mr. or even corresponded with him? Have you ever met me?" Then a few curse words and name calling...

Of course, I have never met either one of you; yet, I know you by your fruit. The Holy Word states, "But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes." (1 John 2:11)

Moreover, the scripture warns, "He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him. But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes." (1 John 2:9-11)

The point I was trying to make in my original letter: There are Godly ways of educating the public as to faults within the Church. In fact, we are to admonish, correct, and, Yes, even judge according to specific guidelines established by the Bible. Do you not know that we will one day judge angels? Therefore, let the least among you judge these things. (1 Cor. 6:4 " If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. 5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?")

In continuing, your site is filled with hate, revenge, and even murder according to scripture. I was kindly warning my brother not to be filled with hate. The reason: Many have been defiled by letting a root of bitterness creep in:

"Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled." (Hebrews 12:14,15)

Are you following peace with all men? Have you fallen from grace because a root of bitterness has sprung up within you and, therefore, you are defiled? These are the relative questions.

I am always concerned when I see hate, because I know that man is in trouble with the Lord. You cannot hate your brother and love God.

Again, I ask you to forgive Armstrong, even though he be dead, and anyone else who may have offended you, to include me, if necessary. Then go back in and redo your website as an informational source on Armstrong, but without the hate. Education is all it takes.

Please look at your site again. Is there any redeeming or social value? Will anyone come to Christ after reading your articles? Or, do you provoke hate and cause the reader who doesn't even know Armstrong to hate him? Do you realize that most people hate another, not because that person did them any personal wrong, but because said person wronged someone they knew. Hence, you are not an educator, but a propagator of hate. Clearly, you and the Watcher are in error. You think you are doing good, but it is evil. By the way, the Bible refers to angels as "watchers." Let the true watchers judge between you and I as to the one who is filled with hate.

I admonish both of you as brothers to turn back to Christ. Forgive, for in the same manner you forgive, Christ will forgive you.

I pray that you receive this message as it was intended, with concern and love for you. I certainly do not hate either of you.

Yours in Christ,

David Parsons


Out of respect for your sensibilities for being on a "hate" page, I have renamed the page as "Kooks, Nuts and Loonies". Believe me, you fit on that page.

Not that I want any dialog with you, but, what makes you think you can convince me with your bible when I do not believe it is God's word? Are you so illogical that you think that waving a bible in my face will change my mind? You would have better results with a dictionary.

You came to my page, uninvited. You send me admonishments, uninvited. Now, I do invite you to crawl back into the hole you crawled out of and continue worshipping your god: The Bible, and leave the rest of us alone. We don't need you or your false god.

If you want to do God's work, go help people, don't try to convert them and don't take any MONEY.


New on 6/7/98:

The Watcher says:

Mr. Parsons,

Rattled your cage, I see. Like any Pharisee rattled by Jesus, you retreat into a flood of Scriptural quotations to defend your robe of sacred righteousness and defend your moral high ground. Well, sir, I it won't do. It won't do at all.

I asked you a number of specific questions, and you didn't answer any f them. Are you ready to help the victims of Worldwide cult abuse in any ways that they really need? In any ways more specific than "prayer" (which, if empty, and unbaked by compassionate ACTION, Jesus ringingly condemned)? Or have you ever done so?, Or, for that matter, have any suffering souls that YOU have ever "comforted" committed suicide afterwards? Of course, it would always be their fault if that happened, wouldn't it?

Did you bother to read the E-mail posted on Mr. 's site on May 29 expressing enormous thanks and relief for finding a site of similar suffering souls so they could realize their burdens since childhood and suicidal impulses were not uniquely lonely or inexplicable experiences? Of course not. No. You remain secure in your armor of self-righteousness. But we rattled your cage, didn't we, Mr. Parsons? Oh yes. We did. We surely did.

Well, save your defenses and arguments for God. He won't be so gentle when He gets round to dealing with you. Say good night, gracie:

The Watcher.

New on 12/18/98:

Why don't you grow up. Is your life so utterly horrible because of a church that YOU attended, that you have to make up crap like this. Give me a break, you followed a religion, you choose to abide by it's principals regardless of them being right or wrong. That means that the only one to blame for anything is yourself. To my recollection no one was ever forced to go to church. You are pathetic, your whinning makes me sick, why don't you you try and make a positive difference instead of crying woe is me. You are nothing. Why don't you smarten up.

Write me back idiot.

Randall Graham



Jim Hamby

New on 12/23/98:

Randall Graham,

Regarding your hate mail to Ed:

The phrase "write me back idiot" is probably one of the most entertaining that I have seen in a long time. It shows a complete lack of understanding of how to win friends and influence people, as well as being a classic example of how to get someone to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do.

So how old are you? 13? 14?

Anyway, to prove this is not completely a flame, I shall leave you with some advice:

When you have had a wife die because she followed the teachings of some cockamamie cult and refused medical treatment for a possibly treatable disease, then you are qualified to carry on a discourse with those who have gone through similar situations. Otherwise, if you cannot show even a modicum of compassion or sympathy, I would advise you to shut the hell up, because you are doing nothing but showing your ignorance and lack of any kind of humanity.

Merry Christmas.



New on 1/17/99:

The following dialog was posted on my email page but now, since Ray Vogele has chosen to attack me and to post our correspondence on a public newsgroup in a very hateful way, I will no longer keep him anonymous.

To Ed ,

I read the letter from the fearful man (below). I thought of Revelation 21:8 "But the fearful, and unbelieving... shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone..." Certainly I wish no such thing on this man and hope and pray he can find his way out of this vexing situation.

However, after reading his message there was your own message which has a glaring act of arrogance you probably haven't realized. You state: "Note that trying to encourage him to join your cult, (which, of course, is much better than his present one) will go straight to the trash."

Has it occurred to you, Ed, that you are setting yourself up to be as one of those ministers who receive so much of your venom? How nice of you to filter out anything you don't think this man should hear. You sound just like one of those self-righteous men who stood in the pulpit back when you were still in Worldwide. Are you afraid he'll hear something you don't think he, as a rational adult, can handle?

Just Wondering

Ray Vogele


Thank you for your kind, loving Christian message. God's love just flows out of you. Because of your wonderful example of Christ, I will now return to a Christian cult also. Since I also will otherwise have my part in this "lake which burneth with fire and brimstone..." I am just scared silly and repent in dust and ashes. I will no longer protect this poor man from idiots like you since I will, once again, be just like you and will no longer see you as an idiot. We can be idiots together and believe things that we cannot prove because, well, we just do. Yeah, right.

This poor man is obviously not rational otherwise he would flee people such as you without a second thought but you nuts have him so scared of losing his eternal life that he doesn't know what to think.

I guarantee that he will not be led back into your ungodly religious trap by anything he reads on my pages.



New on 2/7/99:

yeah buddy your one sick son of a bitch


New on 2/27/99:

You wrote: "yeah buddy your one sick son of a bitch"

I will ignore the spelling error. I will also ignore the fact that you are on AOL, which probably means that you're some kind of idiot or regressed net-wannabe. Considering your response, that's probably a given anyway.

Now, let's try and figure out why you think Ed is a sick son of a bitch. I happen to know Ed, and I have seen a picture of him, and he does not look like he is descended from anything of the canine persuasion.

Ed has been through a lot of things at the hands of the inhuman monsters that are laughably called "ministers" or "evangelists" or even "pastor generals". Ed lost his wife due to the fact that she refused treatment, because of what those REAL "sick sons of bitches" told her to do. So have many others. Many people, including myself, have been damaged almost irreparably by the money-grubbing wankers who purport to be spiritual authorities. We were forced to live in poverty, we were forced to live in fear, we were forced to give up perfectly happy lives in order to make some sick narcissistic pervert, Herbvert W. Armstrong, rich.

And then people like you come along, when people like Ed try to warn people in the strongest terms possible what they have done and are still trying to do, and provide a place for us to maybe, possibly, get past our experiences and live a productive life in *spite* of people like you who would criticize us and curse at us and try to hold us back in your cesspool of false morality and dangerous religion, and say that they are sick sons of bitches.

I submit that *you* are the sick son of a bitch, and I also submit that you should perhaps stick to what you know, because you are *way* out of your league here. Stick with your plaid-suited prophesying single couldn't-get-a-woman-if-they-paid-them cronies and let us get on with our lives without fleas like you biting us.



New on 3/2/99:

seems like the "Kooks,nuts and loonies" column must be your autobiography

At least you have a column that reflects in a nutshell what you are and are about

Jim Hamby


New on 3/29/99:

You sound like one big whyner.

Grow up will you and get a life. Let someone else who has something intelligent to say take up the space you now have.

You cite that Worldwide Church of God "made you do all those things," listen nobody can make you do anyhting. They're not the government you know, or the police. So stop your incessant whyning you big dope.

I get a kick out of how you threaten people, by saying you will punish them if they send you "hate mail" by exposing their email address.

Maybe those very things you hate you do. Kinda of a kicker aint it. You've become the epitome of hate all the while you preach against it.

You're a Joker.

Carlos Dasilva



New on 4/19/99:

Get over it.  I was in the church (Cincinnati) from age 14 to 24.  Yes, I'm a victim as well.  However, life goes on.  Atheist, agnostic, christian, or asshole (yourself), get over it!!!
You need a hobby.


New on 5/24/99:

You know what? You need help I mean serious help.  You may think that what God was and is doing is wrong but all your bitterness and hate will have to be delt with sooner or later.  But you know what I was thinking? I'm thinking that through God's mercy that you were'nt really converted so you are not held accountable at this time and maybe when Jesus returns to start the "Feast" here on earth then you will see and learn all you missed out on this time around.  I hope anyway.

Jim Leighty

New on 7/4/98:

You are a victim. I feel so sorry for you. Most real Christians, however, have been able to embrace Christ and leave behind their victim status. As long as you have this website, you only wear it as a badge of victim status. I used to like to look at your site, but it is trite and the same thing day after day. It really isn't contributing anymore. Give it up and show the world that you actually live for Christ.

Maybe you should just duke it out with HWA in heaven. Yea, right in front of Jesus. Yea, that will prove a lot...

Christian Living


I am not currently affiliated with any of the COG churches. You need to know that your website is SO 1995. Either radically change its focus or give it up. I am deleting your book mark from my browser.

"Boo, hoo, Mr. Armstrong hurt me. I must tell people about it." I've looked for Christ in your website and I haven't found Him. Just another public diary. It epitomizes American culture. Oprah, are you listening?

Is this website what you want in your obituary? I'm sure it is not, but it will be. How about a refreshing change? Embrace Jesus. he will help you out of your anger.

Christian Living


Of course, Ms. Living does not have the guts to sign her message or leave a valid return email address. She prefers to hide behind Jesus and throw her darts.


After reading all of the whining letters (this did take some time), I'm amazed at the number of losers trying to redirect the blame for their stupid life decisions on others.

All these morons need to take responsibility for their own lives. Will all you babies PLEASE GET A LIFE?

Dominick M. Furlano

New on 7/12/98:

Hi Ed,

Just got done checking out your web site. You are extremely good at it. You are an intelligent, motivated individual. However, I have to wonder about your responses to some of the "nutty, looney. ." whatever page. I thought that some of these people meant wellyou are not receptive to criticism. Why are you so defensive? What have you got to hide? Did someone touch you where your bikini covers? What drives your feeble, mental derisions???? Why do you want to get revenge on anyone that disagrees with you? Stern objection to any other view was the practice of the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD. . . . . remember? I know you remember. No one was rightbut them. Seems you've taken on this mentality. Oops.

Ironic? Hypocritical?


Anxiously awaiting your response.




The criteria for making it to my Hatemail page is not complicated: Just call me names and act in a hateful, disrespectful manner and you will make it. You made it.

At the top of the page you will find: "I will not put any message on this page of those who can calmly disagree with me without condemning me and calling me names. This is basically a "For Idiots Only" page. I also will not publish your letter if I think you are only trying to get attention. I have to think you are a genuine idiot for you to get on this page."

As you may have seen from my email page, one of the latest messages asks me why I am bitter. I did not put this on the Hatemail Page because this was simply a question and since there was no other supporting evidence that this was a genuine idiotic hatemail, I left it on the regular email page and responded to it in kind.

It is relatively easy to make it to this page because it doesn't take a lot of brains to write a hateful message. I wish it was that easy to get disfellowshipped from the Worldwide Church of God. I did all that I could to earn this honored distinction but apparently it is one goal I will never attain. If anyone can pull some strings with Jr. and gang and get me officially disfellowshipped, I would be eternally grateful.



New on 10/11/99:

-----Original Message-----
From: Sean Yarbrough <>
Cc: Marty Henderson ; Leonard Martin ; Jason Ranew ; Jim Yarbrough ; Kristin Yarbrough ; Pam Yarbrough

Dear Ed:

As a second-generation member of the church of God, now attending United Church of God, I find you a sick, sick man. You are nothing more than a self-deceived, modified secular humanist who apparently never "got it" during all those years of attending Worldwide Church of God. Your "Graveyard Church of God" website twists and distorts so many verifiable facts that it would take months and years to produce the paperwork a proper refutation would require. Most of us would rather spend our time doing more productive things like developing a more godly attitude and overcoming sin. Speaking of which, do you even faintly remember what the definition of sin is? Why would you bother to promote "being good" or "helping others" if there are no divinely revealed moral laws and, hence, no moral absolutes? You are a self-made moral relativist who is making things up as he goes along. Anyone can do that. Most everyone does do that. I hope you're happy with what this sick world has become as a result.

Your "philosophy" of life seems to be best summarized with these statements:

"Just live your life the best you can. Be good to people. Help those you can help. Don't hurt people. Don't let anyone put any guilt trips on you. Be very wary of anyone trying to tell you they have the answers to the mysteries of life and death. Reason and think things out without other people telling you what you should think."

"...we should be good to one another and help one another. I don't need the Ten commandments to tell me right from wrong. Everybody just play nice."

If you allowed a fallible man to think for you and control you, that was your own fault. It does not make HWA's teachings wrong. As for your "reasoning" about the Bible's (and HWA's) alleged errors and contradictions, I find that you twist more scripture than you probably realize. You have absolutely no depth of spiritual understanding whatsoever. You're just as bad as the Protestants and Catholics who ignore large portions of scripture and history in favor of a tradition...or out of rebellion against God's authority over your life. And yes, you do need the Ten Commandments to tell you right from wrong. Otherwise you're just making everything up, which, again, anyone can do. The outcome of your life is exactly what rejecting God's truth leads to, and what I have always been taught to stay away from. Why? Because now you don't have a clue about how to distinguish right from wrong, righteousness from sin. It's easy to use reason to come up with ethics, which are nothing but mutually beneficial rules of social conduct (not really right from wrong). It's much more difficult to use reason to contrive the ways in which God commands us to love Him, such as keeping the Sabbath or not worshipping idols (as large segments of the population do...seems like they would benefit from hearing the First Commandment, eh?). Bedrock principles of morality are not subjective, otherwise they are worthless.

Additionally, your obsession with the personal sins of HWA and the simple existence of this website is proof that you are being led astray by your own uncontrolled anger and bitterness. Instead of only attacking doctrine, you are using the famous "straw man" fallacy to distract readers from the real issues at stake here: the validity of the Bible and the teachings of HWA. Why don't you drop the silly music, insulting images, and personal sob stories and create a website that is intellectually-based and presents true arguments that readers can refer to when making a decision (instead of feeding them propaganda)?

In summary, get over it! You obviously are not among those of us who understand God's truth or his plan, nor will you be until the second resurrection (I hope, for your sake, that it is not the third). I would love to drop out of life for a couple of years *just* to prove to you, one small person on the face of the planet, that you are wrong. Trust me, I would enjoy it. But I kind of have a life, and am confident enough in what I believe and have PROVED to ignore you (barring this one-time message) and the thousands of others like you who probably have even more complaints and challenges to my beliefs than I could ever have time to respond to.

Just keep me and others in the churches of God in mind if/when Christ returns or you are resurrected as a reminder that you were witnessed to on more than more occasion.

By the way, is Europe's present pace and status of unification making you a little nervous? Better keep one eye on the news just in case.

In defiance of willful spiritual ignorance and moral relativism,

Sean Yarbrough



Since it seems as though you want it, you have the honor of now being on my hatemail page.   A fine Christian example for your friends and family. I'm sure Jesus is just so proud of you.

You really seem to be ministerial material. (That is not a compliment)  


10/12/99 REPLY

Ed, whoever you are,

Sean IS a fine Christian example his family and friends. Thank you for noticing.

Pam Yarbrough


That is just my point, that a person can act and think like Shawn and be a good Christian.

One more reason why I will never be a Christian again. You people are too hateful.



I've seen your "hatemail page." Not really very much hate, just a compilation of messages from people who find your distasteful messages totally unacceptable and are willing to let you know. You really should move on, Ed. I mean, really, a whole website dedicated to this? Someone's bi-tter. You're not the only one who has been abused by ministers. You're also not the only one who has allowed another person to think for them and mediate between themselves and God. If you're really that hateful towards the Worldwide Church of God and its remnants, why don't you just put that part of your life behind you, submerge yourself in your modified secular humanist lifestyle and let everyone else be?

Incidentally, it's interesting that you place all kinds of articles that attempt to disprove certain aspects of New Covenant theology as it relates to the Old Covenant, yet maintain that Christ and the Bible itself are a hoax! Are we contradicting ourselves a little here? Why even bother to address Biblical issues?

Also, should I take the absence of any response by you to my comments on your moral relativism as a sign that you agree?

Ed, you are simply a disgruntled, bitter mass of anger. You're no more important than the rest of us, but you would have us think so by your outrageous commentaries and proclamations. Very childish.

And yes, I think my friends, family, and Jesus would be proud of me for boldly stating the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. If you consider that hateful, then I'm sorry your perceptions are so warped, and have a nice day.

This ends this "discussion," since you obviously aren't interested in responding with anything reasonable.

Sean Yarbrough



Regarding "not much hatred on the hatemail page": The sad thing is that you cannot see your hatred and vitriol. It is part of your biblical/Christian beliefs.

Regarding my "hatred and bitterness": see my FAQ #7

Regarding "you're not the only one who has been abused by ministers": I guess that makes it all right.

Regarding "why don't you just put that part of your life behind you"?: See my FAQ #16, and it is because I care about people that have been misled and damaged by ministerial types. You don't. But you are a "Christian" so you can just write those people off as either not being right with God and deserving whatever happens to them or they are just doomed to the lake of fire, too bad but "I am saved." You Christians are really very unloving and downright nasty.

Regarding any Biblical quotations on my Website, if they were written by me, that was before I became totally convinced that the bible could not be written by any kind of a god that I would want to worship. That does not invalidate any of the conclusions that were reached by using the bible to prove something to a bible believer. I would offer to let you prove to me that the bible is god's word, without using the bible to do it, but we will not be corresponding any further. And, besides that, I know it can't be done. You might want to try it on your own though.

Regarding "absence of any response by you to my comments": Did not spend a lot of time reading your first message after I could see the good Christian hatred in it. No, I will not get into a debate with you over my Website. I've debated with idiots for the last 4 years. It is a waste of time. I am free to post what I want and you are free to not look at any of it.

Regarding "Jesus would be proud of me": One more reason why I don't want to be a follower of Jesus. You might want to try to prove that he ever existed outside of the bible. You will not be able to do that either.

You believe in a God that would write an instruction manual full of flaws and with multiple translations but make your salvation dependant on obeying what you find in the flawed book. You believe in a man you cannot prove ever existed, Jesus, who, according to the Bible, was a very loving person, but you think that it is your duty to be hateful to those who do not agree with you, and Jesus will be proud of you. You are a very confused person, but, then again, religion in general is very confusing; being based on faith (no proof) and all.

Don't bother responding. Any further messages from you will be deleted from my server before my computer downloads them.

I had to laugh at the last goofball that I did that to, he kept sending me messages for a few days. (My email program tells me when it deletes off the server.) He probably thought he was still getting the his last shots at me. Not.




Just a word of advice, you blithering idiot. Just quit talking for the rest of your life? And if you ever have anything else to say, then clamp your futile, putrid lips shut with a clothespin and let all the vile, fecal words you author simply implode and infect only you. Because no one else cares. Would you mind?

Warmest Regards,

Jay Yarbrough


Another Christian, I gather.



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