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From:  timothy lanter <grimlove2003@yahoo.com>
To:  "painfultruth@hushmail.com" <painfultruth@hushmail.com>
Date:  Sun, 27 May 2012 22:42:07 -0700

Well you, my friends are the useless pricks to whom I am refering!!! I am no longer a member of the wwcg or any other religious organization. I am an athiest who grew up in the worldwide church of god. Do you have nothing better  to do than defame a man who has been dead for the last couple decades? You are useless trash in my book and I "pray to god"... as much as an athiest can, that I am wrong and you and all your comrades burn in the proverbial hell that you love to preach about. :) With the warmest regards... Mr Timothy C Lanter II. God bless u all !!! BITCHES !!!!



For an atheist you talk a lot of religious trash in a threatening manner. I would say that your one of those die hard Armstrong fans. Besides, you can't be an atheist. You can't even spell the word.

Our main interest has been in helping those who are trying to make sense of their cult experience. If that is not your interest, happy surfing.

If you feel the need to protect a man who has been dead for over a quarter century, a man who fucked his own daughter, you should open a website shrine to the incestuous bastard.

PT Editor,



Well I am definately no armstrong fan. He was a human, just like u and I. Maybe he did make the mistakes you are refering to. I don't know and I'm not one to point the finger. The worldwide church of god is dead. Mr. Armstrong is dead. I have made peace with the fact that I was raised in a church that was wrong and it made me take a look at religion as a whole and I realize that religion is bullshit. I realize that god is like Santa. A fictional character who was brought to the world by the need to control the masses. However, I don't feel the need to discredit someone who has been dead and forgotten for decades. Why don't your aim your sights at modern day preachers. They are the ones who are the threats to humanity. The fact that you are trying to discredit a church that's dead and gone and its founder really makes you look bad.



If you have read any of our email pages you would have seen that many of your former brethren are trying to come with grips as to the how and why of their church experience.

It was this site, well over a decade ago, that showed me what Armstrong-ism was all about. I must say that what I discovered shocked me and caused a complete re-evaluation of everything that I held dear and thought as truth. To this day I am extremely critical of everything I read and base my evaluations on critical examination. This is what the Painful Truth presents for the masses that have crossed paths with Armstrong-ism.

If this site was to go away, ask yourself where the people who are suffering (to make heads or tails of the event), where would they go for answers?

As to the modern day preachers you are incorrect. I have presented a variety of false prophets here on the site and in the process exposed their insane lies.

As to the Armstrong brand, well that is our specialty, and a beginning point to understand all others outside the fold.

The church you speak of as being dead and gone is not dead nor gone. Like any corporation that wants to hide its past, it simply changes its name.   

If this site bothers you Timothy you might want to stop googling Herbert Armstrong. We are always at or near the top of the results page. Why is that? Because people demand answers and solutions here in the information age!

PT Editor,


From:  Chaplain Kenneth Newlin <anadvancedassemblyofgod@gmail.com>
To:  painfultruth@hushmail.com
Date:  Tue, 24 Apr 2012 20:04:23 -0700

Hello my name is Chaplain Kenneth Raymond Newlin of An Advanced Assembly of God my telephone number is 1-218-768-xxxx,
   I am trying to contact as many Churches as i can Personalty about the News of Obama's care plan,HR3200. page # 1001 - 1004 talks about an RFID chip that's name is 666 the very mark of the beast. As in Rev 13:18 and 15:2 that we have been forewarned about.
  They plan to put this in our school children, possibly without telling their parents, this school year.As well as on every man women and child mandatoraly  starting March 23 2013.
  Please we must Tell our congregations,This is the mark of the Beast that all who receive this mark will be cut off from Christ Himself . We must let them know, as this is our position to tell even the bad news  that also is that we must excommunicate those who would have this on them or even approve of this ,in order to protect the Church that is the Congregation.
  We Must collectively STOP Congress and Obama care / that is Mitt Romney care, as mitt designed it.
 Please Enjoy our Love of the Lord our God today and remember that Only Together Do We Fight for Him Also against the evil powers that be.

    Please Spreed this Word Widely as OUR TIME IS SO SHORT before we have no opportunity but to lay down our lives for our FAITH.
                                                              Sincerely I thank you for Reading this and taking this seed of information and know it is not our flesh and blood we are to worry about, It is that what they can not take from you but GOD can and for warned about this 2000 years ago, Strange we are living it , Very true  ( but we are and we must Deal with this NOW Together ! )



Your full of shit!

The health care reform bill that passed Congress contained no language about implantable devices.

PT Editor,


From:  Frederic Solomon <fredericsolomon@ymail.com>
To:  "painfultruth@hushmail.com" <painfultruth@hushmail.com>
Date:  Sun, 13 Nov 2011 07:43:37 -0800

I ran across your website and it appears you have invested years on criticizing dead people like the late Herbert Armstrong and the late Garner Ted Armstrong. You must spend all your time criticizing certain dead people. Dead people cannot defend themselves and perhaps that is why you were not criticizing them when they were alive. You actually sound like a ghoul and ghouls sometimes participate in various types of necro-perversions.

Then again perhaps you are a very jealous person and jealous because you could not achieve anything worthwhile and now you feel like a big shot talking bad about the deceased behind the cloak of the Internet. Whatever is causing your perpetual fixation with certain deceased people obviously is a moral and perhaps even mental sickness, and you need to come out of the past, stop fixating on deceased individuals, and get a grip on reality.

Good Luck


Read this. I don't intend to give you an answer for such a foolish letter beyond the following links. Until you read the website and understand the obvious purpose of this website, you can fuck off.



PT Editor,



L.N.  This article came to me & I read even reread. It Is very well stated.  I send to some trin-ministers just to see what they may say.  It's Not meaning to  bash or deabte,  just    Serious    buisness.


Amoungst others & trinity ministers I've asked said, a trinity?  In my Bible-study & reading I dont find any scriptures that support such.  I understand it that God does Not need the help 2 other god's & or persons in a god-head to help with heavenly matters.  Sure it seems rediculouse, but it's true, God & He Alone does it All by Himself. ( This has nothing to do with His angels)

God's Word says :  Father, Son & Holy-Ghost & Is One. ( Man says holy-spirit )….................

.....on and on it went. Two e-mails of this drivel was enough.
I replied:


Lawrence, you may want to take your arguments to another website. I am not interested in debating religion. Those days have ended and I personally could care less.

And may I add that you have no credibility in you rants. Try learning how to use a spell checker someday. You won't look so fucking ignorant.




Sir, your faul-mouth charge where this is * down below, by the Authority of The name of Jesus Christ Is returned unto you. There was no need for such.

The truth of thearticle I sent, usually gets the trin-people & others upset. It's not meant to.

Lawrence,you may want to take your arguments to another website. I
am not interested in debating religion. Those days have ended and I
personally could care less.

And may I add that you have no credibility in you rants. Try
learning how to use a spell checker someday. * You won't look so fucking ignorant.



You’re going to get sick of me writing you, but I can’t let Charlie get away with it! His Hate Mail piece contains a Freudian slip that he did not intend, but which underscores his basic illiteracy. (Why do so many “believers” have so much trouble with English grammar? Maybe it just proves how truly ignorant they really are.)

Charlie wrote: For an indebt study of this or any END-TIME PROPHECY…

Excuse me? “Indebt”? Surely Charlie meant to say “in-depth”, but he is so painfully illiterate that he didn’t even know what word he wanted to use. In making this mistake, he swerved into oncoming traffic and revealed a fundamental truth of which he probably isn’t even aware…that in pursuing these “in-depth studies” of prophecy, one will certainly become “indebt”.

That is: IN DEBT.

Charlie probably doesn’t even know how to spell “debt”. He probably thinks it’s “dett”.

Just another belly-laugh provided by the super-serious prophecy clowns.

John Bowers



Always a pleasure to hear from you!

Charlies writings are a field of misspellings and misprisions. Further, I do not think that he would want us to analyze his tracts in the manner of sociological studies of mass communication and persuasion. That would be too much of a threat to his moral relativism, gnosticism, and all of the other hopeless things he may worship.

Of course, the people who appreciate his "work" are those who eagerly root up common sense, prominently hold it out, and decry it as poison with astonishing alacrity.





You can quit sending me this crap of yours. The end of the world ain't gonna happen like your bible says.
As an ex-cop I would have thought of you as being a little more objective. It seems you have something in common with Deputy Barney Fife.
Can you guess what it is?



The following letter is answered by our guest editor Al Dexter, author of Believing the Unbelievable” found here at the Painful Truth.


Hello, I grew up in the Worldwide Church of God, and stopped attending in my teens, however there was not the twisted things you claim going on where I was, It is my belief that you are a sick, sick, sick, individual and you need some help. I hope that you get it, I feel bad for the kind of upbringing you must have had to spend so much time talking slander about someone else, no matter who or what that individual might have done. Perhaps you believe you are perfect. I dont know, do your psyche a favor and stop adding to the lies in the world..if you dont like something someone has done or said...voice your opinion, then move on.. sincerely hoping you discover true enlightenment and joy, or perhaps it would be helpful to your mind to ask forgiveness of mean-ness to others, unless you are a Republican, then I guess you simply are made that way, to think and do inhumane things. hoping you find goodness within yourself . -- Maria

Hi, Maria,

I'm happy to hear that you got out early and that many of the negative things so many have to deal with didn't happen in your life. There were good and sincere people caught up in Worldwide. I point that out in my book, Believing the Unbelievable, which has just been added to this website.

I came in as an adult, in 1955, went through Ambassador College and worked at headquarters and also in New York City until 1974. I knew the Armstrong's personally and zealously believed what they taught for many years.

What I've written, and what the Painful Truth publishes is not a mean spirited attack. Neither is it slander. It's history. If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. The holocaust is history. So are Stalin's and Saddam Hussein's purges, their horrible brutality and the Siberian gulag. Would you have that history ignored so Nazism, the Baath party and Communism can again rear their ugly heads and savage mankind?

Herbert and Ted Armstrong's doctrines and lies and their tyrannical reigns are still out there in the host of splinters that are still going strong. Our purpose is to help thinking people realize what they were and some are even now caught up in. Lives are still being wrecked. People are still being brutalized by a fascist system masquerading as a benevolent religion. If we can help even one person see the light and salvage their life or deal with their feelings of guilt or despair, our efforts will be worth it.

Before you judge our attitudes and motives, it would be well to look into the facts we present. If it is slander, there has certainly been plenty of time for libel suits to be filed. Worldwide never balked at doing so if they thought they could.

If you feel you have a valid reason to refute what we say, organize your facts and write your own article or book. We certainly wouldn't try to stop you, and although we wouldn't agree, we wouldn't call your motives and character into question.

Allen C. Dexter


10/10/2009 understand

I do not understand this web-sight.

I am sure it gets lots of hits, at lot of people had experiences with the Wonderful Worldwide Church of God...It was wonderful, the best memories of my life and a unblievably fantastic life I have had, I am so blessed, so unbelievably blessed and I thank God for it and appreciate the wonderful work God did through Mr. Armstrong.

I don't know where the author(s) of this web-site went wrong, but wrong they have gone. I hope this e-mail is posted, that those who can undestand see it.

I will pray for you and ask God to fix whatever causes so much pain. It is 2009 and I see

that are posts back to 1998, Why is this site still here? Wow brother you are really hurting, anyway I see you have a category for Kooks and Hate mail; but is "Love Mail"


See you in the World Tommorrow.

(Editor: No name given)


Dear “No-Name”

Congratulations, on your entry into the "Kooks, Nuts and Loonies" page!

You wrote “I do not understand this web-sight.”

Well let me be clear here. The Painful Truth is “A collection of Facts, Opinions and Comments from survivors of Herbert W. Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, The Worldwide Church of God and its Daughters.”

You said that your experience was wonderful, and full of great memories? The Painful Truth has around two thousand pages of testimony from former members that believe otherwise. Within these pages we read about:

The death of men, women and children due to the Herbie's healing doctrine.

Financial ruin due to a deceitful tithing doctrine. More below.

Sexual abuse by the ministry.

Stalking, rape and other sex crimes by the membership, and the ministry that covered up the crimes and then dis-fellowshipped the complainant.

Suicides by those who were abused spiritually by the ministry.

Families destroyed by the re-marriage doctrine along with marriage manipulation.

Herbert's incestuous relation with his daughter.

Hundreds of false prophecies.

Children who never were given the chance to live up to their potential due to the “coming soon” Apocalypse crap that Herbie and his minions spewed out weekly in sermons and articles.

Undue influence by those who wished to control every aspect of the members lives.

I could go on and on, but those who have been freed from the mind control aspects of these cults, have found the real truth behind the sole purpose of Armstrong-ism. MONEY and POWER over others.

You say you were “blessed?” No, you were conned and continue on that road even to this day.

You say you “don't know where the author(s) of this web-site went wrong?”
Perhaps you should ask yourself why you continue to believe in the contrived Armstrong religion and the unbelievable baggage it brings with it.

You then ask “Why is this site still here?”
This site is a place for people to share their experiences with the world and stands as testimony to the corruption of the Armstrong religious empire. Armstrong and his hireling's were like the little child that would take earthworms or similar small animals and impaled them on a pin to enjoy watching them twist and writhe as they slowly died.


I will pray for you and ask God to fix whatever causes so much pain.”
So you are an intercessor for God?  That makes you a priest does it not? Is not God claimed to be all-knowing, all-wise, all-just, all-powerful and all-present? If God is all knowing, why the hell do I need your prayers?

If prayer can indeed change God's mind, then what was wrong with His original just and all so wise plan of action? Doesn't God always do what is right and just? Or does God even know what He is doing?

If God needs your guidance to correct His original decision, and if He substitutes your prayer request, which you deem better than His, then you are worshipping a God who makes errors until you pray to Him and correct Him.

You blasphemy your God when you try to correct Him on what you perceive are His mistaken decisions and activities upon this earth. You are saying that you do not trust your "God" to make wise and just decisions. Who are you to advise or correct God?


Many people find it comforting to believe that someone else is looking out for them, watching over them, and guiding them gently through the path of life. Indeed, life would be so much simpler if someone else were responsible for our destiny, for countering evil with good, and for ensuring that caring people enjoy a comfortable afterlife. Many well-intentioned but misguided people will tell you prayer is the answer to the problems of the world. They'd have you believe that if only you pray often enough and hard enough, you can realize your most precious goals. Unfortunately, this is not reality. The untold suffering throughout the world should be evidence enough that no benevolent creator is watching over us, helping justice and fairness to triumph. People start wars, people abuse children and animals, and there's no deity to prevent that. You are responsible for your own happiness, and you alone are responsible for your own successes and failures. Be an honest person for its own value - not from fear of spending an eternity in hell. Success in life requires hard work and logical thinking, and these are the values you must strive for.
Ethan Winer

In conclusion, any religious organization that wants to get ahead should try to understand the long-range consequences of its actions. The Churches of God have never had that faculty. The Churches of God will give people a wink and a smile, but when the wheels begin to turn, it's business as usual. Oppressive measures will be directed against the membership. Lies and deceit will be the stock-in-trade of their media propaganda and educational institutions. This is why the Armstrong Churches of God are dying out. The membership is learning just what a mind control cult is.

Based on years of observation, the Churches of God will reap a harvest of death because they possess a contempt for members and non-members that defies all logic and understanding, that cannot be quantified or reasoned away. There is still hope, real hope—not the false sense of hope that comes from the mouths of churlish sectarians, but the hope that makes you eager to embrace real truth and not the false hope of a fictional "World Tomorrow."

Yours truly,
PT-Editor James


"In religion and politics people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing." Autobiography of Mark Twain by Samuel Clemens


"But a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandizing their oppressors in Church and State."
Thomas Jefferson
in a letter to
S. Kercheval, 1810



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