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Looking For Something

 by Scully

As a child I felt unloved, unwanted and a burden to my parents and I often wondered about my misfortune at being bought into this rotten, cruel and horrid world I now resided in.  My parents were not bad people; they had been born in the 1930’s when times were very tough for many and could not even dream about the luxuries we enjoy today.  They – my father in particular - had known some very hard times.  So any misfortunes I suffered as a result of my parent’s management began long before I was born. 

From being a child I have always been looking for something bigger and mightier than mankind for guidance and comfort.  It had to be almighty and powerful, it had to have the power to protect me against all the evil in the world.  It had to be my parent, my friend, my mentor, my saviour, the destroyer of my enemies; it had to be all things to me.  It also had to be something to blame when things went bad.  Yes I was ideal for some twisted church/manipulator to take aboard. 

I was still at school when a friend of mine introduced me to the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Her disabled, wheelchair bound father was a baptised member and she attended services with him.  I went along to services with them but I stuck out like a sore thumb with my jeans and t shirts on, and her father hated the way I was always ogling young men.  I tried hard to fit in wearing dresses and going along to a bible study which was very hard and bored the socks off me.  All was going well when they told me I must come out with them and visit local houses to talk to people.  This filled me with horror and I never went back.  I had stuck my toe in the water and backed off. 

I became vulnerable again when I married my husband and had my beautiful son.  I was very happy and I wanted to thank somebody or something for it.  I remembered when I was a child my father used to read a magazine called The Plain Truth.  He read it diligently but never contacted the church or had anything else to do with it.  He was aware of HWA having his own private jet and although he was happy to read the free mag he was not prepared to put his hand in his pocket to finance somebody else’s lifestyle. 

I saw an advert in a national paper saying how HWA’s prophesy’s had been changed and gave you contact information.  I spoke to somebody from the Philadelphia Church of God and began to receive a whole load of free literature that kept me busy for a long time with the reading.  I was hooked and eventually a minister was sent to my home to talk with me.  He did not invite me to the church and told me I needed to study the literature more, years later I had another minister visit me and I was invited to church. 

I went along to services whenever I could for about 2 years.  It was a lot of travelling because there were only 2 churches in the whole of the country.  I became almost mesmerised by the church but they became increasingly hard to please.  I could never study enough, pray enough, fast enough (I never did) or attend enough services.  I was having a tough time but I pressed on, even attending an FOT which would have been fun if I didn’t have to attend those soul-destroying mindless boring services.  However after a minister giving me a tough time for not studying hard enough I was fed up with it, this god or church was never going to be pleased with me.  I was told I was like a ‘filthy rag’ to this jesus character.  After sitting through the last most boring sermon at the FOT I thought ‘what the… was I doing here’.  I knew I was not one of them nor would I ever be a mindless zombified slave to an evil manipulating bunch of thieves again.  The faithful toe method was used again.






Copyright belongs to Scully 22.7.06








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