the painful truth about the worldwide church of god.

the painful truth about the worldwide church of god

Herbert W. Armstrong
and the Worldwide Church of God

Just like Humpty Dumpty, who sat on a wall,
Herbert W. Armstrong had a great fall.
And all his yes-men, and all those sucked in,
Can't seem to put Herbie back together again.

"What had Armstrong accomplished in his 50-year maverick ministry if his followers could so easily abandon his "truths?" Apparently little more than the creation of a fear-based religion that left many without answers after his death. The church soon became adrift and confused. Without Armstrong, like Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall of his doctrines, all of his horses and all of his men might never be able to put his personal ministry back together again."
—Bruce Renehan

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Posted 6/3/01
Rebellion 1974
By M.A.M.

Posted 6/3/01
Rebellion 1974, Comments
By JohnO

What Is Armstrongism?
By M.A.M.

Herbert W. Armstrong
DID declare that He Was a Prophet
By JohnO

Posted 7/30/02
Herbert W. Armstrong:
Confidence Man
Was this Herbie's secret role model?
By Bill Fairchild

we are sorry, really, maybe, i think, oh just forget it and let's move on. we have money to make and fun to have at your expense. we would rather not look at all those broken bodies and lives laying in the road behind us. the painful truth about the worldwide church of god

New Categories added for those who would like to sign up:

1. Wives of Ministers or Elders
2. Deacons and Deaconess'

Ministers and Elders are always welcome to sign up themselves. Don't push and shove boys, there's plenty of room in the front where you love to be.

Open Letter to Ex-WCG Minsters From John O.


"WCG Ministerial Apologies"

Posted on 11/13/00
Larry Pritchett disqualifies himself by being unrepentant.

The 1981-82
Worldwide Church of God
Hall of Shame

"Daughter of Babylon,
The True History
of the Worldwide Church of God"
by Bruce Renehan

New Times LA Expose Article on the Worldwide Church of God

"Honey, I Shrunk The Church!!"
"Sometimes life requires more than just not being as bad as your predecessors."

hwa's tangled web. the painful truth about the worldwide church of god.

"Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web"
by David Robinson
"About the Author" and "Foreword"

(Copyright (c)1980, quoted with permission.)

John Hadden Publishers
P.O. Box 35982
Tulsa, OK 74135
$20 which includes shipping.

Please mention that you are
responding from
The Painful Truth website.

Less than 50 copies remaining.
All proceeds go to David Robinson's widow.

Pastor General Expenses
Inside Info from the Worldwide Church of God Accounting Department, 1975-1976

Stanley Rader Assumes Room Temperature!

Worldwide Church of God History Pages

Herbert W. Armstrong:
Pioneer of Religious Broadcasting
by MAM

god gave you to me. the painful truth about the worldwide church of god.

A Brief History of
Herbert W. Armstrong

          By Douglas

Posted on 4/4/99

Herbert Armstrong,
A man of extremes.

By Douglas

Posted on 4/19/99

By Douglas

Posted 1/8/02
The History of Child Abuse

by Lloyd deMause
Can these be the roots of Herbert W. Armstrong's incestuous desires and Garner Ted Armstrong's teachings regarding Child Rearing?
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Posted 5/15/02

Ex-member who sued 22 years ago is finally paid $8.6 million

Posted 2/24/02

Herbert W. Armstrong Founder of the Worldwide Church of God; publisher of The Plain Truth

"Moses made mistakes, Abraham made mistakes, David made mistakes, Elijah made mistakes..."

-- Herbert W. Armstrong, explaining why the world did not end in 1972, as he had foretold, quoted from David Milsted, The Cassell Dictionary of
Regrettable Quotations (1999)

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Posted 7/22/01
Ministry of Money

Posted 8/2/01
"Ministry Of Money" Supplemental
Why Don't You Ask For A Cadillac?
By John B

Incest and Inspiration
The Mystery of Herbert W. Armstrong's Revelation Revealed At Last

The Watcher

The Worldwide Church of God Samaritans Posted on 10/24/98

The wcg Version of
The Good Samaritan Scripture

Posted 1/22/00
Mind Rape,
The Worldwide Church of God,
And The Good Samaritan

By Bill Fairchild (former LCE)

Posted on 1/9/00
The Lochner Tapes

Posted on 6/12/00
 Garner Ted Armstrong
Geraldo Rivera

Posted on 8/2/99
Insights Into How Herbert W. Armstrong Did It

Posted on 8/10/98
Open Letters to the Entrenched Hierarchy.

Posted on 6/19/02
The Bearded Armstrong Basher

An Open Letter to Joe Jr.
Sharon Griffith

merry chri....., ahh, no.

Posted on 9/18/98

"Merry Chris...,
No, strike that.
Merry Incarnation.
Yes, (Heheehehe) that will fool them."

Transcript of the "Airtalk" Interview
of Joe Tkach Jr. by Larry Mantle
on December 4th, 1997

Charles F. Hunting 1988 Radio Interview
by Clyde Thomas
WKIS, Florida Talk 74

The Garnet Hill Rip-off

Beware Ambassadors' Bearing Gifts.
Reprinted With Permission.

Dankenbring Speaks Up
About: Tkach's Lies,
Herbert W. Armstrong's Lies and Incest,
GTA's "Ministering" to 200+
Young AC Ladies,
and More.....

Posted on 7/11/98
If You Hide Evil For

Your Own Prophet Profit,
You Too Are Responsible For Evil

WCG Real Estate

Posted on 2/7/00
WCG Real Estate

Final Church Service
In Ambassador Auditorium

Posted on 2/21/00
WCG Real Estate

 Auction Firms
Selected to Sell
Ambassador University

Auction Cancelled.
See article below.

Posted on 3/25/00
WCG Real Estate

Campus at Big Sandy, Texas
has been sold for an undisclosed sum.

And it will probably NEVER be disclosed

Posted on 11/5/00
WCG Real Estate

 Campus site to be urban village.

Posted on 11/6/00
Pasadena Goodies Up For Sale
WCG Real Estate
Mark 10:21 :
"Sell whatsoever you have blackmailed from the members and use it for your retirement, and you shall have treasure in your Swiss bank accounts."

Posted on 1/15/01
WCG Real Estate

Laughing All The
Way To The Bank

Posted on 8/22/01
WCG Real Estate

Pasadena Escrow Jitters

Posted on 9/4/01
WCG Real Estate

Bloody Thursday

Posted on 12/1/01
WCG Real Estate

Legacy Attempts to Bribe the City of Pasadena

Posted on 11/8/01
WCG Real Estate

Pictures of
Legacy Partners Proposal

Some locals are not happy.

Posted on 4/13/02
WCG Real Estate


Posted on 11/13/98
How Herbert W. Armstrong Used
1972 To Finance His Building Projects

By Marc

Posted on 12/27/98
An Outside View of The Inside of The Worldwide Church of God

Who Were The Real Servants Of Satan?
"The Watcher"

Is Herbie Divided?
You Bet He Is
"The Watcher"

Updated 5/24/98
Herbert W. Armstrong Compared To Rasputin

The Mad Monk and The Putrid Prophet
"The Watcher"

The Formula For The Worldwide Church of God Ministry
More Image Than Substance
By Douglas

An essay on the Worldwide Church of God Ministry.

Organizational Atrophy
The Worldwide Church of God Monkeys
By Douglas

The Pasadena Tap Dancers:
Will Tap Dance For Money,
Cash, Check or Credit Card
My Telephone Call to Pasadena

How Much Did They Make?

Ever Wonder Why They Told You
NOT To Read TheNewspapers????

Posted on 12/13/98
Gems of Wisdom From The Revered Leader

Updated 2/19/01
Herbie the False Prophet.
The Most Comprehensive Listing
of Herbert W. Armstrong's 52 year record
of 209 False Prophesies.
Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God: A Non-Prophet Organization

Herbert W. Armstrong Disproved the Bible
By Tony Badillo

I'm Herbert Armstrong
I'm Going To Hell

"The Watcher"

Just how much was
Herbert Armstrong a
Doctrinal Fraud?

Plagiarism and the Putz
By Roger

Herbert W. Armstrong's Narcissistic Personality Disorder
By William D. Meyer

Herbert W. Armstrong Confesses to Incest!

Herbert W. Armstrong  Uses
Loma's Deathbed Sickness

To Squeeze More Money Out Of The Members.
(This is a Classic!)

Jack Kessler's 1981 letter to the
Board of Directors/Council of Elders
of the Worldwide Church of God

"The David Defense"
"How to excuse evil if your job depends on it."

Posted 6/13/00
(Garner Ted Armstrong's Biblical Rant)

By Garner Ted Armstrong

Posted 7/10/00
Comments on Garner Ted Armstrong's E-piss-le
By Dana

The Untied,
Churches of God Money

Updated 8/23/99
News of The Continuing WORK
of Fleecing the Sheep.
Money, Money, Money.
They NEED Your Money!

Posted 8/24/98
Marketing RELIGION

1. Identify the market you're aiming for.
2. Identify the product to sell to them.
3. Deliver the product to the market.
4. Rake in the money.

Posted 8/15/98
Aaron Dean
and David Hulme
Duke It Out

Religion is Slavery, Christianity is Freedom

More Brinsmead Articles

Does God Work Through Organizations or Individuals?

Tithing God's Command or Man's Demand?

Ambassador Reports Index.
Never successfully sued by the Worldwide Church of God.

Posted 9/5/99
John Trechak, editor and publisher of the Ambassador Report, died the night of September 2nd, 1999

Posted 8/12/99
The Booklets Nobody
Wants to Talk About

By Whistler

Posted 9/19/00
Philadelphia Church of God Loses on Appeal Regarding Mystery of the Ages Book

Books on Herbert W. Armstrong and
Worldwide Church of God

Herbert W. Armstrong and G.G. Rupert
The Former and Latter Rain

Some revealing Quotations from Garner Ted Armstrong's book.
Herbert W. Armstrong the Racist

Ever wonder why they kept changing the "Make-up" Doctrine?

Posted 9/12/99
Who is telling the truth about makeup doctrine changes,
Wayne Cole or Herbert W. Armstrong ?

Shocking Notes from the Ambassador Report

"People of the Lie"
Read this and see if you think Herbert W. Armstrong was EVIL or not.

"Liars For Jesus"
Are these the 'Lies on the Internet'
that "headquarters" is talking about?

"How Herbert W. Armstrong bought his Professorship"
He bought it from USC with YOUR money.

"Garner Ted Armstrong's Letter Regarding His Father's Incest"
Notice what he doesn't say.

"Rod Meredith's Letter Regarding Herbert W. Armstrong's Incest"

"Herbert W. Armstrong's True Teaching On Healing and Doctors"
"Withstanding The wcg Revisionist Historians"

The Best
BS Story

"He Loves You But, He Just Can't Handle Money"

"The Skeleton in the Closet"
Tkach Continues to Praise Herbert W. Armstrong.

"Free Stuff!"
Smugglers, Bunglers and Sleuths

"Only Questions Remain for Congregation"
"Pastor Took $100,000 From Church Account"

Not Worldwide Church of God, This is a Church in Wisconsin, BUT........

Let The Giver Beware of the
"WCG Unincorporated Association"
"WCG Corporation"
"Proprietary Sole".
The Pasadena Property is in the Name of the Worldwide Church of God/Ambassador
with the Pastor General named owner, in the event of dissolution. If that happens, Joe jr can control what happens.

Personal Experiences and Commentary on the
Worldwide Church of God


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