The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
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 News of the World
August 1, 1982

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Kinky Churchman Fools Charles and His Check Bought Meeting with Maggie.

A BIZARRE church leader with a sordid past of sexual and financial scandal has duped both Prince Charles and Mrs. Thatcher.

He bought himself an introduction to Charles by giving a huge cash gift to the Royal Opera House, one of the Prince's favourite causes.

And on the strength of the o106,000 cheque, he was invited to meet the Prime Minister.

But the sleazy activities of 89 year old Herbert W. Armstrong, head of the Worldwide Church of God, should shock security chiefs.

Armstrong once angered the Queen by involving her in a hoax to attract publicity


And before the Royal introduction at an opera benefit concert in London's Festival Hall, Armstrong told his followers Charles was "the wicked Prince who will become the principal cause of the destruction of Britain."

But afterwards he was happy to splash their minute long chat all over his church's newspaper to convince his sect of his influence in top international circles.

Like the photographs he has had taken of encounters with King Hussein of Jordan, President Marcos of the Philippines and Egypt's President Mubarak. Armstrong, who controls his church's income of over o50 million a year has been accused of taking millions for himself.

He has a private jet, nicknamed "The Flying Whorehouse" and is said to take part in various deviance's.

His meeting with Mrs. Thatcher went ahead despite warnings to British Government officials from U.S. based former members of the church.

As he flew home to his headquarters in Pasadena, California, former sect members bashed the decision to let him into No. 10.

"We were numb with disbelief," said David Robinson, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who once held a post in the church.

"Armstrong virtually bought himself audiences with the British Prime Minister and the heir to the throne."

Another ex-member, John Tuit, who has written a book about Armstrong, said: "He's a fraud. I contacted the British Embassy in Washington to warn them.

"He has stolen funds meant for the propagation of the Gospel.

"He buys air time on radio stations, then makes a fortune from donations. This meeting with Margaret Thatcher is going to send his donations through the roof."

And Professor Joseph Hopkins of Westminster College, Pennsylvania, who has studied the church's affairs said: "I'm surprised Mrs. Thatcher fell for him. He's nothing more than a conman.

A Downing Street spokesman insisted: "The audience with the Prime Minister lasted only a few minutes. It wouldn't have been granted if he hadn't been a benefactor."

And a Buckingham Palace spokesman added: "Prince Charles met a number of people at the Royal Opera benefit concert at the Festival Hill. He probably wouldn't have known who Mr. Armstrong was."

The money Armstrong gave to help the Opera House came from his followers, who have to pay a tenth of their salaries into the church.

In Britain alone the .......(text unreadable, one line missing)....... year from donations and legacies.

Of that o1,150,000 went out again in operating costs according to figures lodged with the Charities Commission.

American Lawyer, Jack Kessler, who audited the church's books, claimed he knew of "a catalog of abuses" of funds.

These included Armstrong flying to Rumania for sex therapy lessons and taking his jet to London to buy a sex toy.

 News of the World
August 1, 1982


THE QUEEN was far from amused when Herbert Armstrong tried to drag her name into his religious Circus. He hoaxed his followers. by claiming that she had agreed to help him host a London film premiere.

But Buckingham Palace had never heard of the Worldwide Church of God and was quick to deny any link Armstrong boasted that he had arranged the first showing of the war drama "The Wild Geese" in aid of handicapped youngsters.

And In a newsletter to 65,000 church members, he said: "Queen Elizabeth II had promised to co-host.


But the Queen wasn't at the event- And Armstrong, far from being the organizer, was only a guest - along with 1,000 others.

After the hoax, in 1978, bewildered church members turned to the Palace for an explanation. Her Majesty's Private Secretary. Robert Fellowes. told them: "There Is no truth whatever in Mr Armstrong's claim. to be associated with the Queen, Prince Philip or any member of the Royal Family.

 Tulsa World
Friday, May 11, 1984

Judge Orders Trial In Armstrong Divorce

Tucson, Ariz. (AP)
Attorneys reported Thursday that a tentative agreement had collapsed in the divorce case of Herbert W. Armstrong, pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God and the Judge ordered that a trial begin.

Armstrong and his estranged wife, Ramona, signed the tentative agreement on a divorce settlement April 26 after at two year legal wrangle.

"I was under the impression that a settlement had been reached until early this morning," Allan Browne, Armstrong's attorney, told Judge William Sherrill, of Puma County Superior Court.

Browne said he and lawyers for Mrs. Armstrong had discussed their drafts of the agreement Tuesday. He said he sent a final version, subject to a "few minor details" to Lawrence Deckler, an attorney for Mrs. Armstrong, and to Armstrong in Pasadena, Calif. to sign.

"We do not have the agreement signed by Mr. Deckler at this point," Browne said.

Deckler told Sherrill the tentative agreement reached two weeks ago provided that Mrs. Armstrong would have to be satisfied as to disposition of pending criminal charges accusing her of theft, trafficking in stolen property and perjury.

Mrs. Armstrong was indicted by a Superior Court grand jury in the disappearance of church owned gold flatware. Trial in the criminal case is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Deckler said Judge Richard Hannah presiding over the criminal case, has indicated "no plea agreement will be accepted by him at this time" on the charges against Mrs. Armstrong.

Browne told Sherrill the church had agreed to waive its complaint about the disappearance of the church-owned flatware, but that Deputy County Attorney Kenneth Peasley would not agree to drop the charges.

Browne said the prosecutor had taken the position that the divorce action would "not in any way control the outcome of the criminal action."

Both Brown and Deckler told Sherrill that agreement had been reached on the particulars of the marriage dissolution, including division of property.

The judge who would have had to approve any settlement, rejected a request by Brown to postpone the immediate start of the trial.

"I think that the only way that this case is going to be settled is if we go to trial," Sherrill said.

Sherrill agreed to a request by Browne to exclude evidence concerning "alleged explicit sexual activity or conduct."

Terms of the tentative settlement were not disclosed.

Court documents showed that Mrs. Armstrong, who now lives in Nevada, was seeking a settlement including $150,000 a year, half of a $5 million bank account, the couple's Tucson home and furnishings, jewelry and furs.

She contended that a premarital agreement stipulated she would become Armstrong's beneficiary regardless of his death or anything else, including divorce. His lawyers denied there was any such agreement.

The Armstrongs married April 17,1977, the elderly church leader testified last month during a brief appearance in Sherrill's court.

Armstrong said the couple had no children, and said differences between them had led to their marriage's "irretrievable breakdown."

 Tulsa World
Saturday, May 12, 1984

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Judge Dissolves Armstrong Marriage

Tucson, Ariz. (AP) A judge, Friday, dissolved the 7 year old marriage of Herbert W. Armstrong, the 91 year old pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God, and his one-time secretary.

Judge William N. Sherrill approved the settlement in the 2 year divorce battle after a 5 minute hearing during which Armstrong testified that he had read the settlement agreement and did not feel it was unfair.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but Armstrong's attorney, Allen Browne, said they "were not unfair to the parties involved."

The Tucson Citizen reported Armstrong's estranged wife, Ramona, would receive $300,000, including $150,000, for attorney's fees. She would also receive two cars, personal belongings and the couple's Tucson home, although she would be responsible for a monthly $785 mortgage payment, the newspaper reported.

On Tuesday, another judge, Richard Hannah, is to hear a motion to drop criminal charges against Mrs. Armstrong.

Browne had told Sherrill earlier, that Deputy County Attorney Kenneth Peasley agreed to dismiss the criminal action on condition that Browne provide and affidavit stating that "a trial would be stressful to Mr. Armstrong and might be injurious to his health."

The affidavit also would include that restitution has been made for gold flatware, the disappearance of which prompted perjury, theft and trafficking in stolen property charges against Mrs. Armstrong, 45, Browne said.

During pre-trial proceedings in the divorce case, Thursday, Sherrill agreed to limit testimony on Armstrong's sexual conduct but to allow evidence on the finances of the Pasadena, Calif. Based church.

In the divorce proceedings, Armstrong's lawyers had sought to limit evidence of a sexual nature but his wife's attorneys said it was crucial since the church leader alleged Mrs. Armstrong had breached and agreement of love and fidelity.

Louis Deckler, Mrs. Armstrong's lawyer, said the testimony would explain an "understanding" the couple reached about Armstrong's "prior incestuous conduct with his daughter for many years."

Citing Armstrong's worldwide travel in a $17 million private jet and other examples of a "luxurious lifestyle." Deckler contended the other side was trying to exclude evidence showing "the vast wealth that Mr. Armstrong personally controls to his own benefit."

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