Herbert W. Armstrong's Incest reported in the Tulsa World
May 17, 1984

Divorce article


Lakeland Ledger - May 12, 1984

I found this newspaper clip above at Google. If you do an comparison to the other newspaper clippings, (links below) word for word, you can see that what we have been saying for years is true. Here is the link where I found it: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=7pEsAAAAIBAJ&sjid=YvsDAAAAIBAJ&dq=worldwide-church-of-god+armstrong+incest&pg=5909,4889548&hl=en

"During pre-trial proceedings in the divorce case, Thursday, Sherrill agreed to limit testimony on Armstrong's sexual conduct but to allow evidence on the finances of the Pasadena, Calif. Based church.

In the divorce proceedings, Armstrong's lawyers had sought to limit evidence of a sexual nature but his wife's attorneys said it was crucial since the church leader alleged Mrs. Armstrong had breached and agreement of love and fidelity.

Louis Deckler, Mrs. Armstrong's lawyer, said the testimony would explain an "understanding" the couple reached about Armstrong's "prior incestuous conduct with his daughter for many years."

Citing Armstrong's worldwide travel in a $17 million private jet and other examples of a "luxurious lifestyle." Deckler contended the other side was trying to exclude evidence showing "the vast wealth that Mr. Armstrong personally controls to his own benefit."

Some years ago, the website Ekklesia used various Photoshop filters to cut through the highlighting obscuring the original images that they managed to obtained. You can find that HERE.

The Painful Truth staff wishes to thank Ekklesia for their hard work in making this piece of evidence available some years ago.

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