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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! For being the first to tell the plain truth about Casper!

Casper the Ghost saved my LIFE! Before I found Casper, I was all fucked up. First I was fucked up on alcohol and drugs. Then I found Jesus, and I was fucked up on Jesus. Now, thank the Ghost, I'm all fucked up on Casper!

I had heard about Casper, of course. I had seen his television show. But I didn't believe in him. Then one day some Casper's Witnesses came to my door and gave me a copy of "GhostTower" magazine, which was all about the Holy Ghost. I sent them away, of course - I wasn't ready for the real Haunted Truth.

In fact, I got so mad that I set out to destroy Casper's Witnesses! I started down the street to the Spookdom Hall (where they meet) and I was going to torch the place. But suddenly I was struck down blind, right there in the middle of the street. I was groping around in panic, trying to figure out what was happening to me, when someone touched me on the shoulder and said . . .


It was Casper. I couldn't see him, of course, but I knew he was there. I could feel his presence. And he was so friendly!

It was spooky.

Now my days and nights are filled with Casper. He died for me, to save me from my sins (he wasn't always a ghost, you know!), and he did the same for you and all your readers. Thank you again for bringing the Plain Spook of Casper to your audience. Without Casper, none of us has a ghost of a chance at salvation.

Gratefully yours,

John B


Praise Casper!

We need  more testimonials to the power of Casper. Casper is not a weak, lazy, "god" like Jesus that needs his church members to do his "work" for him. Casper does his own work.

Casper also has the same ratio of answered prayers compared to requests as Jesus does. Of course, so does blind chance, but we don't talk about that.

Casper also says: "Keep your money. What is a god going to do with money? Throw your money up in the air and whatever stays there belongs to me; you keep the rest. (Make sure the wind isn't blowing.)"

Casper also does not have any "representatives" standing in-between him and us.

Casper doesn't have any holy books, just comic books. He says that you don't need a book, just be friendly. No translations needed. All nations can understand.

In the name of the most holy savior Casper,



John B,
Loved your letter about Casper. And I shout halla-boo-ya that you are no long fucked up on jesus. If you've got to be fucked up, casper is the only way to go....
Jim V
PS: cool as shit.....

Hi There,

I am starting a religion and came across your website in my search to learn how. Your observations are great. Maybe I already know what I need to begin!



Yes, you can very well learn how to start a successful religion from this website.
Don't know if you qualify though.

You have to be, based on the Worldwide Church of God model:
1. Uneducated.
2. Greedy, placing the love of money and power before everything else
3. Unprincipled
4. Immoral
5. Lack even basic Ethical values

Given these character flaws you will be well on your way to success, for yourself, not for your loyal members. But, who cares about them? If they make themselves sheep, why not shear them? If you don't, someone else will. They are so afraid of dying that they will believe anything. Just don't promise them anything in this life.

If they want to know why their lives are turning to shit, don't say that it is because they are giving you too much of their money and time. Tell them that it is because they are not close enough to god. If they would just give more money to "His work" then god would bless them. Tell them it is because they are stealing from god because they put their children and food and clothing before Him.

They are really stupid. You will have a great life, if you can sleep. They will have a great death, at least comforting in the belief that there is something after death. They will have given you a great present life while giving up their own present life.

Little wonder that so many con-men get into this business.
It is protected by the constitution. SWEET!

If there were a god that cared about people, he wouldn't let them be misled in his name, so you are probably pretty safe in that regard.

Also, remember never to say you are sorry. That is admitting that you actually did something wrong and somebody may sue your ass.

Good luck. Just hope none of your members wakes up to the scam and wants to take you out.


2 the Editor/s:

Although every quote in   the latest QUOTATIONS TO REMEMBER is certainly most memorable, there were two that hit me personally.  If I may quote them, and the reasons.

1)"Maybe this world is another planet's hell,"  Aldous Huxley said.  I have often wondered if we must pass through this diabolical mess and its trials to reach a higher form or existence.  Is this a form of tough schooling?  This world and our existence on this planet is our hell.  No one, in their right mind, could say that this is the Kingdom of Heaven - Jesus or not.  For the record, sites like the PT Site are helping awareness, and if mentally registered by the reader, will provide a stepping stone that will guarantee us never returning here again.

2)  Back in (around 1984) I attended a conference of CG7 (when I was a minister back then) in Denver.  I was surprised that they had a whole seminar on Ghandi.  They even showed the movie.  I'd seen it oodles of times.  What impressed me is that they (CG7) were open enough, even as a "church," to open the minds of the attendees to another form of thinking.

What even impressed me most was the saying of Ghandi, who - when surrounded by reporters and other gossipiest - was his comment when asked as to what religion he belonged to.  His comment was simple.

"I am a Hindu," he said.  "I am also a Muslim.  I am a Christian.  I am a Jew."  He continued to the crowd:  "And so are ALL of you."  Mankind is mankind.  We're all brothers and sisters - EQUAL.

It's an interesting page.  Keep adding to it.

Best.  JohnO.

 To the Editors:

I have been reading the Painful Truth for over a year (ever since I went online) and have often thought about sending you my two cents worth. This may get lengthy as writing this is cathartic. My wife and daughter both wrote last year and found the exercise very helpful in bringing together the fine lines. I will also ask that you not divulge my identity for privacy reasons.

I began listening to Gardener Fred in the summer of 1966, the year after I graduated from teeny normal school. Upon moving to another state I met a young lady who also had listened to the radio program and whose parents took the plain truth (un-capitalized on purpose). Before we were married I wanted to subscribe to all the crap that wwcg offered (Why not? It was free wasn1t it?). In early 1971 we got real serious about studying the bible and trying to apply it in our daily lives. Of course, as suggested in the literature, we called for a visit, understanding that we would be visited by a representative of ambassador college. That should have been the first clue. They couldn1t even be up front about their visitation (sales) program.

I1m sure most people who have come and gone from wwcg could tell this story word for word. We begged to be allowed to attend church and were finally rewarded for our diligence by receiving permission. (Whoop dee do!!) I took part in spokesman club as all new members were encouraged to do and took part in work parties, etc. For the next 25 years I worked my butt off doing all the right things, hoping that someday I might be pleasing enough to God to become a deacon. I did do a lot of things because they had to be done or because I just wanted to but, there was always a smug self-righteous feeling that I tried to keep to myself.

I studied and prayed and fasted for the prescribed amounts of time and always tried to keep a humble attitude, although the smug, self-righteousness was always lurking near the surface. We arrived early and left late, making sure that we did our part. Eventually I was turned into one of those ministerial lackeys known by most as a DEACON!!!! My rise to fame didn1t end there as I was given the task of leading songs as well as organizing various activities, etc. I suppose that singing in the choir helped me out in that matter. And then I started to give sermonettes. Man, was I on the fast track! I really enjoyed my status but did try to do justice to the title and responsibilities that I was assigned. But in the meantime my family was suffering in a way that they didn1t need to. In order to pay our tithes, offerings and other tribute, including the best from our garden we went without a lot of things that we could have afforded otherwise. Of course I had to take unpaid days to attend the FOT and lost one job because of it. At one point I nearly lost my present job where I have now been employed for over 20 years.

I began to question the tithing rule a year or so before they were changed but was afraid to follow my heart. I didn1t want to spoil any chance of becoming a local elder nor did I want to go to that awful place we were so often warned about. When the doctrinal changes came about I welcomed them, as life was a lot easier. However, when I was taken to task by the interim minister for not attending the ld of ub I made up my mind that that was the end of my time with wcg. We left in May of 1996.

We floundered around for a couple of years, trying to make sense out of religion by going to other churches where we participated heavily. We even attended Worldwide Church of God a few times in 1998 but found that what once was a happy (although deceived) group of people had turned into sad, seemingly depressed people who weren1t sure about anything. They also seemed to be somewhat suspicious of us. We haven1t been to church anywhere since. It just seems that the church thing is no longer necessary in my life. They all want me to try harder and give more. I1ve got news for them. As my pappy used to say, 3 I already gave my nuts to the squirrels!y

Am I ticked? You bet! I worked hard to support something that I believed in. I sacrificed a very handsome retirement income. I sacrificed time with my extended family. My parents were not able to give to their granddaughter on xmas and birthdays as all grandparents were born to do. I offended a lot of people with my self-righteousness. I will survive, but many have nothing left and will have to work until they die. How cruel. Just to keep a perverted old fart supplied with whatsoever his heart desired. And the rest of them, including gardener fred, who didn1t have the berries to stand up for right, weren1t any better.

Your website has provided me with a lot of food for thought and I do have questions about the final scheme of things. But, when the higher power determines to inform me, I don1t think I1m going to worry about it. I believe God exists, but hasn1t seen fit to let me in on his plan. It is obvious to me that organized religion has no answers. I think Jesse Ventura was right when he said religion is for weak people.

Bye the way, lest I forget. I apologize to all those who heard me speak in support of wwcg in sermonettes, spokesman club speeches, and conversations. True, I believed what I said was right. Little did I know then how wrong I was. I sincerely hope no one was harmed by anything I said.

Thanks for the forum to vent. Your service to us is immeasurable. Yours truly, Papa Bear


2 the Editors:

Having read the article by Ed Snr. on QUOTATIONS TO REMEMBER, I first (naturally) agreed - like most people would.   I nodded my head and did the usual, said "Yeah right"  Then I thot a while on it, and went back and read it again.  Then I read it again.  And again.  And again  . . . . ad infinitum.

The more I read it, the more our forefathers (from all-over wherever) made sense.

Why aren't we following their simple logic?  All of this might be a start to world peace.  Please, let's THINK.  But, we're not listening - are we?

Are we as a species on this planet, gone totally crazy?

Respectfully submitted by JohnO.  Please absorb.

Hello Sir,

I'm a fellow service member in the Army here in Fort Campbell. I met my wife about six months ago. (See, she's a really great person and she ended up getting pregnant so I figured what the hell, I'm 22 by the way, young dumb and full of fun)

I knew about her beliefs ahead of time and how firmly she stood behind them. I loved her so much that I figured that I would just believe what I believe (I am agnostic) and I would let her practice what she believes. She thinks my eternal soul is in jeopardy because I am not a believer but I try to tell her that I'm not that bad a guy and I don't have to prove anything to God if there is one.

As an act of compromise, I'm reading the entire bible cover to cover because I figure you can't knock it til you've tried it. But I'm reading it with an extreme open mind because she says what she believes is the exact literal reading of the bible but it seems that her religion, the Philadelphia church of god, has thrown in a few interpretations of its own.

I've read several books and essays on agnosticism and free thought and am currently reading a book called "the science of god." Let me get to the point already. I've come upon your site and was shocked and did further research into the cult.

I love this girl but I don't want her to shackle our child's mind with these fabrications. Like you said, the foundation of religion is faith not proof so I feel like I can never sway her. what should I do? I love her.




First thing is: you love her. You wouldn't love her any less if she was sick or had a alcohol or drug addiction, so keep on loving her.

Yes, your next concern should be for your children. As many of the articles on the PT will show you, this type of church has had a profound affect on the lives of the children of church members. This is where my toleration of her religion would stop. I would not allow my children to be indoctrinated and brainwashed by this or any other cult. The way you bring up your children, the things they hear and see as they are growing up, makes them who they are when they are grown. You can't go back and change anything.

Some people who are not really into religion may bring their kids up to be just ambivalent to religion, thinking that when they are grown, they can decide for themselves. I think that we ought to be more involved and give our children the information about this dangerous drug so that they will be prepared when they see one of these drug salesmen on TV or someone invites them to their "drug house" church, just to "fellowship." Education is what kids need in order to see how they should not believe any con-man that comes along and says that he knows what "God" wants.

You need to, yes, read the bible. But first, read about the bible. Read my Bibliolatry Page. Educate yourself.

Get the facts about this book and see if it is any different than any other ancient book. Many fables, some history, lots of religious politics, lots of people being killed by "god" or his representatives, ranting and raving by what has to be mad men, etc. There is no way that anyone can prove that this book was inspired or written by any god. Period. But, many reasons can be thought of for why this cannot be written by any god that is perfect or worth worshipping.

It is amazing how gullible people can be to believe that this book with all its errors can be written by a god but the fear of death, the desire to see dead relatives again, the promise of eternal life, can lead the most seemingly intelligent people, to believe in things by faith alone. Faith means believing something but having absolutely no proof that it is true or will happen. What kind of God would expect that of any person that he has given a brain to?

Its like these people believe that God gave us the most amazing computer in the world but then told us not to use it to find out anything about science. Just believe whatever the religionists tell you. Do not use your brain and logic. We can see what happened when people followed the religionists and threw science out: The Dark Ages.

You are free now. Give the same gift of freedom to your children. Don't let their minds be taken captive by drug addicts whose main purpose is to get others hooked on their drugs. The more people they get hooked on their drugs, the more it proves that "god" is behind them. This is where I would definitely draw the line.

Good luck to you, your wife and your kids.


This is pretty intense stuff.  I can't figure out quickly if it is real or a
spoof.  It looks like a Bible story coloring book populated by the South
Park kiddies.

Bill Fairchild

 Dear Editor:

Recently you received mail from two Jesus-cripples named "Ray" and "Sister Lisa". A couple of comments come to mind:

First, "Ray" claims to have attended the Worldwide Church of God. Yet when his congregation began to wither and die, he moved on to the Lutheran church because (and I paraphrase) "the doctrines were almost exactly the same".

I have two things to say about that: Bull and Shit! There is no way anyone who ever attended the Armstrong cult could EVER equate the doctrines of those two churches. Ergo, I submit that "Ray" is probably a liar and was never a member of Worldwide Church of God.

"Sister Lisa" sounds like a nun's name, yet she claims to be married. Curious. Married to whom? Jesus? Perhaps she was driven into the arms of Jesus by the sinful antics of her brother Bart?

(I once met a nun named Sister Lisa. I was living on the streets, hungry and penniless, and Sister Lisa rushed up to me, pressed a ten dollar bill into my hand, and whispered, "God Speed!" I took the ten bucks down to the track and GodSpeed paid off a hundred to one! Thanks, Lisa!)

Ahem [sorry].

Both Ray and Lisa are living in Fantasyland. Both are total cripples in every sense that counts. Show me a fire-breathing Christian zealot and I'll show you an insecure, dysfunctional human being. While it's true that many people turn to religion for comfort in time of need, it is equally true that those whose lives are CONSUMED with religion are usually seriously flawed in some important way. Like the alcoholic and the addict, they need something to fill the hole inside themselves. Jesus is their drug of choice. Hence the phrase, "all fucked up on Jesus".

I won't even bother to discuss their obvious self-righteous attitudes or their fountaining arrogance. Simply reading their letters makes that case. "Hello, I'm living in a shit hole. It's wonderful in here! Won't you join me? If you don't, the Lord is gonna kill you! Have a nice day."

John B


Hello Alex,

In following up some old matters I see that as of today you are still repeating several lies about me on your Web site. Since you state that you will remove material that is proved to be in error--as documented three weeks ago in my May 29 message to you below--I am taking you at your word. I assume you will act honorably and remove the erroneous information documented below.

 I do not want to waste more of your time and mine by contacting your Web site provider to have it removed, but will if it comes to that.

 Scott Ashley


 Hey Scott. Did you read the email that Alex sent to you? (Maybe Scott was still blocking Alex?)

I am not Alex.

As far as I can see there is not any "error with the website" in regards to your problem with Alex. There is a disagreement. There is a debate. Alex says one thing, you say another. As you say it is a matter of "differences of opinion."

Do you think that my website is going to be taken down because someone has a disagreement with you about whether you blocked their email or not? Sheeshhhhhhhhhhhh...........

You wrote to me with your "problem" with Alex. I forwarded your email to Alex and I posted it on the Email to the Editor page 51.

He responded to you. I posted that. There are two different views here as to what happened. Nothing is going to be changed by me until you furnish some proof. You obviously don't have any. I have given you fair play here. Nothing more is going to happen.

I suggest you get on with your life. Jesus has forgiven Alex for any sin against you and if you don't forgive Alex, you are in danger of losing your eternal life because of your bitterness. Don't you know that, if you are a true Christian, nothing is supposed to offend you? Are you saying for all the readers of the Painful Truth, that you are not a true Christian?


 I would like to reply to Scott's diddly squat response. To wit: "Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread." Scott should pay heed to that old adage. He proves he's no angel and is showing his ignorance.

Hey, Scotty, read my lips! Do I need to use Herbie style caps to make it sink into your Herbie-track mind? It's no wonder you were aptly chosen to be head "reviewer" (editor and creator) of UCG's Babble Course.

1. You accuse me of having a web site.
2. You imply I am the editor of the Painful Truth..
3. You credit me with making that Disclaimer.

Here's the "Painful Truth." (If you can stand it).

l. I don't have a web site.
2. I am not the editor, only a willing contributor.
3. The Disclaimer is a standard P.T. procedure, not mine, and it is a wise one.

You "accuse the accuser" and hop, skip and jump over the challenging, intelligent questions I ask you. You ridicule my syntax, my reasoning, belittle the books I quote, and reveal your pompous, know-it-all superior attitude, so common among Herbie's dogmatic hard heads. I warned you about entering (or rushing into?) a den of wounded lions.......

Since I don't expect you to say you're sorry about your mistaken statements about me, you'd make a poor candidate for the Painful Truth's "Apology Page."

Take my advice and stop making an ass of yourself.....on second thought, please continue doing so.


 From: "James Lyle" 

To: Email "> Email

Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 4:55 PM

 You whining little brats, Boo Hoo Herbie did this to me, Herbie did that to me, Oh how can I go on in life. Answer; GET OVER IT. !!! This stuff happened years ago and no one can seem to let it go. Grow up, take some responsibility for your life. I too attened the Worldwide Church of God for 15 years. I'm out of it and guess what? I wasn't as emotionally injured as the rest of you cowards. GROW UP!!!!


And you think you are over it, huh?

You are the one that is so "over it" that you did a search of the Internet for information on the church.

You are so "over it" that you have read at least some of the articles on The PT site.

If you are so "over it," why would you even care? Why would you waste your time? Why would you send me a message? I go to plenty of websites that I don't care for. I never send an email to the webmaster. I just never go back to them.

Yeah. Right. You are "over it."

You may not have been emotionally injured, that is debatable judging by your message, but it would be interesting to have a psychiatrist examine you and find out why you have so much anger towards people you don't even know and why you condemn the victims and not the victimizer.

I suppose you do not support educating people that may become victims of scam artists and con-men.

I suppose you give the same "get over it" advice to rape victims and victims of other crimes.

I suppose you are against the reporting and recording for historical purposes the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity.

I suppose you are against warning people of the dangers of such cults and giving examples of what happened so that they don't make the same mistakes.

I don't know what type of person you were while you were a member, but, judging by your message, leaving the church has not made you a nicer person. I'm glad I never knew you. I'm glad I will never know you.

You may not have been emotionally injured by the church but you are one mentally screwed up dude.

You probably always were.




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