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2 the Editors - for Lee - re:Alcoholism in the Editor's column.

Lee:  The article of ALCOHOLISM was not simply to "Nancy's Dancing," about "Just say no."  Time has proved this statement to be total nonsense.  It simply doesn't work. There's been more and more addictions in this country since Nancy's simple statement.  The entertainment industry will be the first to know this.

While a simple "Just say no," may work or some people (who may be at a very early stage of the sickness), as you pointed out, most treatments don't work.  The reason, as doctors are now discovering is located in the DNA of a person.  While a person's DNA can be alcoholic inclined, if that person NEVER gets into a habit of drinking, then there may NEVER be a problem, and that's great.

But, as you  may know DNA molecule (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), discovered by the British scientist, Alec Jefferies in 1984, puts a formula or "program" on people.  You can no more change your DNA than the color of your eyes.

If you find that you have a propensity to alcoholism (usually hereditary), then best thing to do it to avoid it completely - and that's based on many doctors' advice.

Our bodies are made up of cells, half of which are DNA, and the other half are protein.  So, you can't avoid the DNA coding.  You're either an alcoholic or not.  If you seem to be, then like the doctors' have said: "Avoid it."

But, if you have the chronic addiction that's crept up on you over the years, then possibly a more serious treatment is necessary.  All of "Nancy's Dancing" has done squat for the most who are in the addictive stage, and THAT'S what was addressed at seminars in the elimination of drugs within America.  Get it?  JohnO.


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From: Darren Connery

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Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 7:42 PM

 Satan has obviously got into your head.

Dear Sir:

      I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your website which was the tool I really needed to allow my eyes to be opened along with my wife to be finally able to see the real truth & leave the cult called the Philadelphia church of God. Also from reading the Age of Reason I have enough knowledge to help others to see their entrapment. I was lucky in only being there 3 years. My wife was there 13 yrs. Thank you Thank you. 



Our recent brush with exWorldwide minister Grant Spong has given us a rare opportunity. I hope those visiting the PT site will take a closer look at the correspondence; it isn't often that we get such a complete view of ministerial arrogance all at once. I almost think they deserve their own page.

First he contacts you and tells you to take him off your Hall of Shame list. Tells you! As if he has all this power over you. As if to say, "Yes, I know you're out there, I've known it all along, so now you know you're busted."

But you very cordially remind him of the rules: to get his name off the list, he needs to make a public apology. In response, he sneers. "Go ahead and keep your little list!"

Then the most audacious declaration of all. He has already apologized to a few individuals. He has preached against Armstrong. He has been thrown out on his ass. Now it is the lay members who are evil. They are supposed to apologize to him!

At this point I get involved. I shoot off a sarcastic parody of a Nazi SS man who expects the Jews to apologize to him. This really fries Mr. Spong. He really hates this, and now we see a bottle rocket light off in his ass. He is spinning in several directions at once. "Your analogy is unfair!" "You are filled with bitterness and hatred!" "God understands your pain." "Let Jesus help you."

At the very same time, he tries to divert my attention from my main point, going off on some meaningless, ridiculous rant about American atrocities against not only the Germans and Japanese, but also the environment, the Indians, and probably the Eskimos as well. (Some of which is actually true, but is not relevant to the discussion at hand.) This is extremely typical of a guilty person: "Oh, you've got me, haven't you? LOOK OVER THERE!" (while I run away).

You and I both respond, pointing out that he is dodging the issue, that he still owes an apology for his involvement in the oppressive ruling class of the Armstrong cult. But he shows no willingness to face up to this. His arrogance runs too deep, his contempt is too heavy. He is a "man of God", meaning we are automatically wrong. He feels no need to repent, is unwilling to even entertain the idea. He is the victim here, no one else. His final response to me no longer even pretends. "You ass!" he snarls.

Then -and this is truly the ultimate height of self-absorbed arrogance -he blocks further communication! As if we are pursuing him! (I can't say it too often -he came after us! Not the other way around!)

Please notice that at no time does this man answer any of the legitimate charges made against him. Nor will he even discuss them. Throughout, he tries alternating tactics - condescension, humor, even "understanding" (he tries to counsel us) - yet ultimately he believes he is the victim.

Can anyone reading this still think that "most ministers are sincerely trying to do the right thing"? What about personal responsibility? What about personal repentance? What about self-examination (like they told us to do every Passover - which is coming up)? Is the WCG ministry already perfect, blameless before God? Apparently this particular minister thinks so.

Since he is now apparently out of work, perhaps Mr. Spong can go to work for former president Bill Clinton. They are both victims, neither has ever done anything wrong, and both are waiting for apologies from their victims. They should get along together quite well.

John B


Dear Asshole,

 Your response of arrogance to the readers of this site classifies you as a religious pimp without credentials. I will respond to you in the same certain terms I used with a lover of your mythical god, one John Scott. This pimp pushed Jesus idea's on those who visited the discussion board some time back. After many reminders that "We the People, who wish to develop our own perfection of mind over religion & fear" wish not to endure bible quotes and other unprovable fairy tales, were greeted by deaf ears, that stifled our cries for relief! The opiate of religion was forced upon us!

 The response was as follows" If Jesus exists, and the bible is the word of god, then it follows that this god is a racist uncaring pig that basically don't give a good golly goddamn about mankind! Seeing that my morality is above Gods, because I do love my fellow man and the resulting creation from my loins, my children (who I do not torture and torment with rules and regulations and for the transgression of my laws, unlike armstrongities do unto their offspring) and live a higher morality than the god characterization in the bible, and with this I declare as follows. If Jesus returns:

"We crucified him once and if he comes again, we will crucify him afresh. For this is our service to mankind, for our morality exceeds that of the god's."

One more consideration for you asshole! "For if the morality of man exceeds that of his god, then that god is a creation of mans mind. Hence, a Fairy Tale."

 Your Adversary out of christ,



 Hi! My name is JoAnn and I ended up on your web page because I was trying to research the church that you used to belong to The Worldwide Church of God. My church (The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) has been examining other religions in a bible study, for the past few months now. Next week we are going to begin to learn about the WCG. So, I thought I'd research a little ahead of time.

 If you are interested in giving me any general information about this group, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, Thank you for the web page. It gave me some information that I could use. Also, I was just wondering after reading your page, what religion are you now? Thank you and God Bless Jo Ann


 Sorry, there are 600+ pages on the website, hard to generalize it. My beliefs are fairly well described on the FAQ page.


 Wow! That is a very powerful site you have! Although I am not in agreement with everything I can certainly relate/understand the convictions you now hold.

I could never quite conform or perform as a mindless drone in wcg. I was always in trouble for some infraction. I figured burning for eternity would be a trip to an amusement park compared to some of the crap they tried to pawn. :}

I can't believe you are still cognitive after all you have been through!! If you did believe on the bible, therefore believing Christ, I am sure he could use a person as yourself to slap some common sense into a very ignorant but blissful people!!:} lol

Take care,


Just a note to let you know but Doug Peitz is no longer a minister or associated with the WCG in any way. I left the WCG last summer and it was the best thing that I have ever done in my life, but my mother still attends. Last year in the beginning of December, it was announced in church, that Mr. Peitz was disfellowshipped and stripped of his ministry credentials. The only reason that was given was for conduct unbecoming a minister. He now works as a car salesman in Madison, Wisconsin. So you can take him off of your list of ministers.


Thank you for your message.

I do not have Doug Peitz in the Ministerial Hall of Shame. The only ministers on these pages are those who had their pictures in the 1981-82 booklet of "ministers." There are certainly many more who belong in the Hall of Shame but are not.

It would be interesting to know why Peitz was disfellowshipped. Was it because he could no longer lie to the members and would no longer cover up the truth or was it that he was a hardliner that would not accept the "changes?"

I certainly hope that he is not a "Used car" salesman, although that would be a good lateral move for a former minister.

If you have contact with him, tell him to feel free to get in touch with me and he can have his name put on the Ministerial Apology Page; if he is truly repentant. Not being a minister any longer is one of the requirements.

Regards, Editor


I need some information from you. I live in New York State. The church of God ministry here is tied to the church of God in Cleveland TN. Are they tied to the same group you are addressing?

All of the doctrines seem to be similar. I have some interesting material I'd like you to have if this is the same group. It involves brainwashing techniques. I was inside undercover working a divorce/child custody investigation when all hell broke loose. Things involving a real manic depressive type pastor, suicides of musicians unexplained, Broken marriages, all negative type stuff. As I got in deeper I discovered some very interesting ties to the Pensacola Florida Assembly of God. They are building a big revival center here in Mexico New York. I believe from what I have seen that there may be some ties to The Army of God organization.

Exorcisms....carried out....pushing people around....degrees from Lee University... and others....I myself have been threatened by the pastor of this church. He is going to get me whatever that means......He tried to sue me and get me to retract some statements I sent to The head honcho in the Church of God in Cleveland TN.

Please respond at your earliest convenience.


Sorry but I can't help you. The Worldwide Church of God and its many daughters are not related to the particular Christian franchise that you are enquiring about.

May they all rot in their imaginary and non-existent Hell.



 Hi Bill Fairchild:

Thanks for your experience. I went to AC (BW) in 1968 at age 22, an accomplished Public Speaker & standup comedian, and a published writer, both in populist press (e.g. "Chicago Sun-Times") and learned Journals (one article was in bibliographies for years as the standard reference on the subject).

So, of course, my Public Speaking & Writing style were all wrong, and they had to "tear me down in order to build me up". The result? A very mediocre speaker and writer. Who is scared of success in any field because I don't feel I deserve it.

But enough of that ...

I, too, read AR2

I read the Gerringer letter

I read "HWA's Tangled Web"

but ... mystery of mysteries ... I hung on. I keep asking myself "Why?".

The actual break came

[1] when I learned that much of the Third tithe was spent on ministers and their hangers-on. Not on the needy in the church. This I heard from a Minister who thought it was "okay because it is scriptural". [2] when we were having a very traumatic time (inc. my wife's father dying of cancer; me losing my job in an area with very high unemployment; the possibility of losing our house -which we did; I had a minor road accident; etc.) The WCG's ministers attitude was very offhand and unsympathetic. Almost "that's life. Get over it. Have faith. Tithe on your severance pay". In desperation we turned to the local COG7th Day minister -"Sardis" -and they gave us all the support, hospitality, and sympathy we needed.

We then moved to an area where I got a job. And guess what??? I started attending the WCG again. When my wife joined me about 6 weeks later, she couldn't believe it! She refused to attend the WCG. So we wound up as COG7ers for a few years.

But still I ask ... Why did I keep ignoring both the evidence and common sense?


 Dear Sir,

 Your "Painful Truth" website is very informative and entertaining. Let me tell you about similar experiences. I think you'll find this entertaining as well. This isn't for your website, just FYI.

 The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) was founded in 1860. Joseph Smith (you may have heard of him and The Book of Mormon) practiced polygamy secretly (along with others of his church). After the Mormons were exiled to Utah, some remained, including Joseph Smith's widow Emma. She hated Brigham Young. Anyway, later, those Mormons who didn't follow Brigham Young formed an organization and asked Emma's son Joseph Smith III to become President. Joseph Smith III was only 9 when his father (Joseph Smith) was killed, so he didn't know anything about his father's 'other' wives.

 Joseph Smith III finally accepted the position of President of a new "Reorganized" Mormon Church; which still exists today. Its HQ is in Independence, MO.

 The early leaders of the RLDS Church believed that Joseph Smith was a "fallen prophet"; once true, but became "fallen" because he practiced and advocated polygamy. Of course, "Young Joseph" (JS III) utterly REFUSED to believe that his father was a polygamist. One of his apostles said, "Are you calling us liars? We were there! We KNOW he was!" Young Joseph replied, "You are all honorable men. I just refuse to believe it!" Today, we know this as "denial"; to refuse to accept a matter how strong the a means of protecting oneself from a truth 'too painful' to accept.

 Anyway, the RLDS Church started to DENY that Joseph Smith ever practiced polygamy at all; that it was an invention of Brigham Young. PURE LIE! But it worked, and the Members of the RLDS Church accepted it as gospel truth. Yet, in the late 1970s, the RLDS Church leadership became Liberal, and decided to "fess up" about Joseph Smith's involvement in polygamy. Of course, the reaction was:

1) denial 2) attack the messenger 3) acceptance

For those who couldn't accept it, they left the RLDS Church and formed their own churches, like:

1) The Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 2) The Restored Church of Christ 3) The Church of Christ Restored 4) The Church of Christ Restoration Branch 5) etc., etc., etc.

Each one of them trying to 'capture' what they had lost via the revelations by the RLDS Church that they in fact had LIED to their people for over a hundred years.

People are funny things. Regarding religion, they aren't like juries or judges calmly looking over the evidence. They are more like mothers who are told their son is a rapist or their daughter a whore. They refuse to believe it. They attack the messenger. They go into "denial". Some never accept it, no matter the evidence. Others finally accept.

Some RLDS members who discovered that Joseph Smith was indeed a polygamist became agnostics and atheists. Very few (if any) joined the LDS Church (i.e. "Mormon" Church) who _all along_ said that Joseph Smith was a polygamist. People were hurt, and this hurt and betrayal for so heavy on them that it destroyed their belief in ANY religious system, and their ability to believe in God or to trust ANY religious system again.

That's too bad.

But, please understand, very few of these people studied the Qu'ran and Islam. Very few studied Buddhism. Does it follow that one religion lied to them and deceived them it must mean ALL religions lie and deceive? That is an EMOTIONAL reaction; not a logical conclusion based upon empirical evidence. It is an emotional conclusion; just like denial, or attacking the messenger, etc.

Truth is not based upon emotional reactions. If there are 10,000 religions in the world, and all of them are frauds and lies except for 1, then "1" is true. To conclude that all religions are false because one has been wounded by a charlatan (Herbert W. Armstrong) is emotional, and not logical.

I spent 20 years studying all the religions I could find. I discovered one thing: Truth doesn't contradict itself. I believe I found a Faith that doesn't contradict itself. I found in the prophecies of Baha'u'llah (the Founder of the Baha'i Faith) all the prophecies came true. I read anti-Baha'i writings. I checked and rechecked.

I was a Mormon for many years. The Mormon Church too covers-up things (or tries to). When people find this out, they say, "Well, since the Mormon Church can't be true, then there are NO true churches!" This is an emotional reaction, not a logical conclusion.

In your Q&A section, you state that the Bible is not the Word of God, is not infallible, and that God speaks "to no man". I remember a Mormon lawyer named Tom Ferguson. He wrote several books on Mormon archeaology; trying to prove it true. Finally, after 25 years of research, he concluded it couldn't be true based upon ancient American archaeology. He then wrote to a friend that "there is no pipeline to eternity. God didn't speak to Joseph Smith, but neither did He speak to any man."

Both are writings from men terrible hurt, feeling terribly betrayed by the religious systems they gave their "all" too. It's understandable. It's human. But, NO, it has _nothing_ to do with seeking Truth. Did Tom study the Qu'ran? No. Did he study Buddhism? No. Did he study the Baha'i Faith? No. He rejected ALL religion because he was emotionally devastated; NOT because he was a Seeker of Truth.

If one religion is false, it does NOT follow that ALL are false! Not unless one studies all of them, and has _evidence_ that they are false. The false prophecies of Hebert W. Armstrong does not prove that the prophecies of Zoroaster or the Imams of Sh'ite Islam are false; unless one throws away 'evidence' and relies solely on emotionalism.

 I've studied ALL religions intensively. I don't mean simply reading a few books on each.

 You trusted the Bible when you _wanted_ to, and now you don't trust it because you _don't_ want to. You were told a LIE, that the Bible must be infallible to be the Word of God! That's not true. The Bible, as Brigham Young once said, is the words of men, the words of the Devil (yes, his words are recorded their too), and sometimes the actual Words of God. On the other hand, the Qur'an contains _nothing but_ the Word of God.

But Truth is _beyond_ our wants, our desires, our likes, and our dislikes. Christians believe the Bible is infallible because they are told they MUST believe that. Atheists believe that Bible is nothing but myth because they WANT to believe that.


Truth is beyond ALL that! It is way above all that.

Hebert W. Armstrong was an evil man. He was a con-man. He conned many people. His prophecies did not 'come to pass'. Does this mean ALL who claim to make prophecies are liars? That conclusion is emotional, not logical.

Have you read the prophecies of Baha'u'llah? I have. People have searched His prophecies in order to prove Him a false prophet. But they can't find ANY that have not come to pass! No, really! I tried myself, for years!

No, I don't believe that the Bible is infallible! But I do believe it contains the Words of God (here and there), and also the words of men and also the words of the devil. God's Revelations are pure, until men get their greasy little hands on them.

Yes, I've studied anti-Mormon literature for 20 years; 4 of those years full-time. Some of it are lies, and some of it is true.

I believe that the Baha'i Faith is true. Have you heard of it? Have you studied it? Have you checked the prophecies of Baha'u'llah to see if they have come true or not? If not, you are not a Seeker of Truth.

You talk a lot about "Truth" in your website. For many years you sincerely believed that the WWCG was "the only true Church". Why? Because Herbert W. Armstrong said so. You trusted him, and he betrayed you. You have a RIGHT to be bitter, but to conclude that all religions are false, and ALL who claim to be God's Messengers LIARS and self-deceived, is NOT based upon evidence, but upon an emotional rejection of all claimants because one betrayed you SO BAD.

That's NOT Truth, but an emotional reaction. Understandable of course, but not Truth.

Bitterness becomes a form of balm of Gilead. It becomes a consoler. But it has _nothing_ to do with Truth.

I know several Mormons who, losing their belief in Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church, become atheists and agnostics. Their attitudes and yours are stikingly similar. This is because they are acting on emotion. They will and have denied that, just as you will.

I knew that Truth has nothing to do with emotionalism, or where one is born, or what one personally 'prefers'. I removed all emotionalism from my search (which was NOT easy!).

Anyway, based on myown experiences, I did several websites. They are not extensive (one is 7 pages and the other 23 pages). I think you would enjoy reading them. They are entertaining, if nothing more.

The Greatest Prophecy of Joseph Smith!

The Baha'i Faith: An Introduction for Mormons

When you have the time, please take a look at them. I think you'll be entertained.

I do appreciate your efforts to get the Truth out about the WWCG. You are sincere. But please don't let your bitterness turn you off to other religions. That is emotional, not logical (no matter how much you claim otherwise). The "Truth" just _may_ be out there. You won't know unless you look with sincere and open eyes.

If you are a sincere Seeker of Truth then you will take this advice. If you're simply a bitter man acting on emotion, then you'll attack me (the messenger). Please read the websites. Thank you.


Darrick Evenson



Thank you for your message.

Nobody told me to not believe the Bible is the word of god if it is not "infallible." I decided that for myself. I am not going to be wasting the remaining life I know I have trying to find some "god" who wants to play a game of "hide and seek" with mankind.

If I have to search through all the known religions and any that come up in between now and the end of my life, and disprove or prove them, I'm not going to be doing it. I have better things to do, like watching TV or taking a walk.

I will not be sorting through some fairy tale book trying go figure out what are god's words and which are men's words and which are some imaginary "devil's" words. If I want to communicate, I try to do it as clearly as possible. I have no respect at all for a "god" that cannot do the same thing.

God, if there be a god that cares, knows where I am. He/She/It knows that I would like to follow and obey and worship It. If It wants one more follower, It can just come and reveal Itself to me. Otherwise It can just go to hell, for all I am concerned.

I suggest that you read the book: "The God Part of the Brain" by Matthew Alper.




Dear Sir,

 Thanks for your reply. Your attitude is just like those Mormons or Members of the RLDS Church who have found they were lied to. It is just like those Koreans who were told Christ was returning on a certain date in 1990, and, of course, didn't happen. One reporter asked one of them, "What happened?" and several of them said, "God lied to us!"

God didn't lie to them sir, nor did God lie to you. Herbie lied to you, but he wasn't God.

I've studied the arguments of atheists pretty intensively.

 I've had visions and prophetic dreams that have come to pass. Again, your conclusions are based not upon logic, but upon your own devastated emotional condition, and Truth can never be based upon that. You don't want to believe. You are as deceived as you were when you thought Herbie was God's End-Times messenger. You've simply exchanged fantasies.

Anyway, hope the best. Darrick Evenson



Thank you for your insults. It isn't often that I am rebuked by such an enlightened visionary as yourself. I feel honored.

I see how it is: if a person does not have the spiritual insight that you do, he is obviously an emotionally devastated wreck. If a person has been abused enough by following men and will not take your advice to just follow your "god" then that person is obviously wrong.

Thanks be to the invisible, hiding, evading, uncaring, uninvolved god that he would provide the likes of you to show visions and prophetic dreams to.

I guess your god did not reveal to you that I would not be interested in your pet theories on religion. Too bad your pet god does not have the time to actually help people in serious trouble (see The Acts of God, page on the PT site) but has the time to play with your brain. Not really a god worth worshipping.

Now, since you are attacking me, I must be the messenger, according to your interpretation. Here is the message:
If you believe in Hell: Go to Hell.
If you don't believe in Hell: Go to Hell.
That is as nice as I can put it.

Now, here is my prophesy: you will not be able to just go away and leave me alone in my bitter misery. You will send me at least one more email to try to get one more shot in at me to justify yourself and try to straighten me out by making me feel even more miserable. When you do that, I will then become very abusive to you and use foul language. Now, if that does not happen, then I am not any more a prophet than you are.



Dear Fool,

 You should be.

Darrick Evenson



I did not reply at all to the last message from Darrick. (I really don't know what the prophet is saying but maybe an interpreter is needed?)

I successfully prophesied that he would have to get at least one last shot in at me but I wrongly prophesied that I would respond to him with abuse and foulness. This reveals that I am not a prophet and therefore, neither is he.


 In addition, the availability of ministers who were willing to openly discuss with you REAL issues was totally null and void.

It often surprised me that the church leadership never thought to place emphasis on the mothers. (this is a comment for those churches that had mother's room and not just a bathroom or hallway where the mothers could stand with their children) The mothers in the church were the ones who took care of the children, who taught the children, who were there for the families! Yet, the mother's room was a prison -a place where the mothers and the children were sent to so that the men could hear the gospel -mothers and children were made to feel unimportant unworthy. Granted a few (very few) churches had the bright idea of placing what I will call walkie-talkies in the mother's room but often they were hard to hear or just didn't work. For a church that preached family time and togetherness there certainly wasn't any where mothers and young children were concerned.........................

Dear Jim,

 I read your Article The Boogie Man's Cookbook, and it made sense to me. After years of being Catholic and then into the WWCG for many years -then going to a few of there offshoots. What a scam!! I guess I wasn't stupid -in some sense even while going to Worldwide I would listen to other ministers, but it all it only confirmed what you say in your article. Some of them made a lot of sense, but then you grip that --there little schemes. I used to watch Pat Robertson, he certainly made a change in what he used to say.

I watched Jack Van Impe also Oral Roberts-same thing. But indeed they still want that money -as if they don't have enough. I believe all these churches are going to fall or be exposed--every one of them. I am in no religion any more nor hope ever to be in any one again! -Or should I say cults. Gee the word religion is nowhere in the Bible :))) An interesting statement is that Religion is like mind control as is the government. They do a lot of cover-ups. Its so incredible. After out of the WWCG and there cults of GET --I started to delve into the bible, oh how interesting ---When you really study it!! Where it came from when it started and by who!! It's confusion. You make some good statements in your article.

We also watched that show about the Moon ---Its a great possibility, that that never happened. I think one day that may be shown to us also. Anyways the funny thing I was never interested in us landing on the moon, I think it was wasted money. I found some other interesting things. ( One thing you mentioned in your article who gave us the polio vaccine? ) I was sent a tape that would make you? that one also. -another cover-up, it makes a lot of sense. Your article was GREAT and you may post my response but keep anonymous for now -I will write again later!


Dear Editor,

 After reading the email from Darrick Evenson, I felt I wanted to respond. Why is it some people feel they know all about us?! I've had my son-in-law say similar things that this man said to you. Why is it they always think we are just reacting out of pure emotions or because we were hurt so much we have turned away from god, or all religion? It's just so damn cocky and sure of him self! He is a presumptuous jerk! I admire your patience for putting up with all these jerks for so long! I'm grateful that you are still keeping this web site going.

Thanks, Nina

 Dear Webmaster:

I'm Calvin Murphy, formerly of Gladewater, TX and 1971 graduate of Imperial Big Sandy, TX.

I am currently working on a collection of stories of people who were "raised" in the WCG cult. If you have anyone who would like to include a short story, novella type, about their life within the cult, please feel free to have them email me at . I suggest that they send me as short a synopsis of their life in the cult, particularly send details of wrongs done to them. I will review the synopsis with my editors and will respond if the editors believe their story is something we want to hear more about. Our working title is, Growing Up Deceived, Our Lives In the Herbert Armstrong Cult.

Kindest Regards,

Calvin Ray Murphy, II

 I just read the email of 8/30/00 on page 39 of email about "the stewardess". I don't know if these two women are the same person, but in the early 1970s I was working at the cult's Deadquarters and knew a woman who, according to the story I heard, had been raped one night "near the TV studio." Shortly after that she moved to New Zealand. I don't remember her name, but I do remember several more identifying details about her which I don't think I should add here lest another innocent person be terribly hurt by anything associated with that evil perverted bastard Garner Stud Headstrong.

Bill Fairchild

I submit for your perusal....

Chris's response to David King......

This guy, Chris..... He KNOWS how to answer a Christian hate-mail, now!! I've been rolling on the floor...:)

And your readers think YOU'RE tough.....<grin

(You DO have more class, I'll admit......)


 I am not sure about your sight but I thought I would let you know that I am painfully aware of the issue of suicide in the WCG. As Don Weininger was the one to baptize me in 1972. I have followed the trail of blood for many years and I left the church in 1978. My experience was with the Alcohal, sex and lifestyles according to self are all very personal. I ministered as a director and starter of the YOU as well as Ambassador clubs and family counseling. I over looked the lies and wondered what it was all about. I walked away from God for over 12 years and then, by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, came back to Him. I feel I have recieved the healing I needed but am still saddened by the death of so many people. May be some one might read this and know that there is healing and peace in thier future.

Robert Humphrey


The further people stay away from you "pastors," the more healing and peace they will have.

Go get an honest job.



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